Professor Thomas Pinkney MMedEd, MBChB, FRCS

Institute of Applied Health Research
George Drexler & Royal College of Surgeons Chair of Surgical Trials
Honorary Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Contact details

Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit
Public Health Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Thomas Pinkney received his Medical Degree from the University of Birmingham in 2000. He was appointed as Senior Lecturer in Surgery in 2012 and awarded an honorary consultant appointment at the University Hospitals Birmingham at the same time.

Mr Pinkney is Clinical Director of the Birmingham Surgical Trials Consortium.  He is also Cohort Studies Subcommittee Chairman and Research Committee member at the European Society of Coloproctology.

Mr Pinkney's research interests are predominantly in clinical and translational research in inflammatory bowel disease and surgical site infection. As a founding member of the West Midlands Research Collaborative, he maintains an interest in development of trainee-led clinical trials in surgery. 


  • MBChB, University Of Birmingham, 2000
  • MMedEd, University of Warwick, 2011
  • FRCS, 2010


  • Fixed undergraduate (clinical) teaching sessions each week and instructs students during his outpatient, endoscopy and theatre sessions
  • Lectures medical students, as well as providing small group teaching sessions
  • Surgical lead, 5th year MBChB programme
  • Runs an annual clinical trials training day for West Midlands Deanery core surgical trainees

Postgraduate supervision

  • Muhammad Atif, Academic Clinical Fellow (2015-8)
  • Dmitri Nepogodiev, Academic Clinical Fellow (2014-7)


Birmingham Surgical Trials Consortium
Clinical Director of Birmingham Surgical Trials Consortium (BiSTC). The BiSTC is funded by the Royal College of Surgeons of England to develop new surgical clinical trials, widening participation in trials and train the trialists of the future.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Tom’s specialist clinical interest is in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). He is the Chief Investigator of the NIHR Research for Public Benefit (RfPB) funded ACCURE-UK feasibility trial. ACCURE-UK is being run in parallel to the Dutch ACCURE trial (Chief Investigator: T.J. Gardenbroek, Academisch Medisch Centrum, Amsterdam).

ACCURE-UK will test the hypothesis that laparoscopic appendectomy is a feasible and safe option to try and improve symptoms in patients with ulcerative colitis who have previously experienced multiple flare-ups. Having completed recruitment of 53 patients across 6 sites, the feasibility trial is now in follow-up and will lead to a full randomised clinical trial.

Alongside the clinical trial, with Dr Ye Htun Oo, Tom is co-supervising an academic clinical fellow’s translational project exploring possible mechanisms underlying the appendix’s role in ulcerative colitis.

Surgical Site Infection
Tom was the Chief Investigator of the ROSSINI (Reduction of Surgical Site Infection using a Novel Intervention, 2008-13) trial. ROSSINI randomised 760 patients across 21 sites and explored the clinical efficacy of a wound-edge protection device in the reduction of SSI. The results were published in the British Medical Journal.

Tom is a member of the Trial Management Group and local Principal Investigator for the Bluebelle study, a feasibility study of three wound dressing strategies in elective and unplanned surgery (Chief Investigator: Professor Jane Blazeby, University of Bristol).

He is (or was) local principle investigator for the following portfolio trials:

  • Bluebelle
  • HART

European research networks
Tom is a member of the European Society of Coloproctology (ESCP) Research Committee and Chair of the ESCP Cohort Studies Subcommittee. He was the Chief Investigator of the ESCP’s first-ever pan-European snapshot audit in 2015, focussing on anastomotic leak following right hemicolectomy. Outcomes data was collected on over 3200 patients across 284 surgical units.

Tom continues to take an active role in running the 2016 ESCP snapshot audit, which is auditing complications following stoma reversal. He is also supporting and promoting EuroSurg, a student-driven European audit and research network.

NIHR Portfolio trials
Tom is the Clinical Research Speciality co-Lead (CRSL) for General Surgery for the NIHR CRN West Midlands, promoting and facilitating the involvement of surgeons across the region in clinical portfolio trials. He is also the Clinical Academic Group (CAG) Lead for Surgery for Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

UK trainee research networks
Tom was a founding member of the West Midlands Research Collaborative (WMRC), a regional trainee-led research network. As a consultant Tom continues to actively support and champion WMRC.

WMRC’s achievements that Tom has contributed to include:

  • Running several regional observational studies, including on Ethnicity and Breast cancer (CANOEs) and F1 competencies (SWIFT).
  • Running the first national trainee-led cohort study on appendicitis.
  • Completing recruitment to three large surgical randomised controlled trials:
    • ROSSINI: Reduction of Surgical Site Infection using a Novel Intervention. ROSSINI recruited 760 patients across 21 centres.
    • DREAMs: Dexamethasone Reduces Emesis After Major Gastrointestinal Surgery. DREAMS recruited 1,350 patients, closing 6-months early.
    • ROCSS: Reinforcement of Closure of Stoma Site. ROCSS is currently in its follow-up phase having randomised 790 patients to prophylactic biological mesh at the time of stoma closure versus control.
Hosting annual national collaborative research meetings in 2009-12.

Other activities

Chief Investigator:

  • ACCURE-UK: The feasibility of undertaking Appendicectomy to impact upon the Clinical Course of UlceRativE colitis (2014-16)
  • ROSSINI: Reduction of Surgical Site Infection using a Novel Intervention (2008-13) 

Trial Management Group member:

  • Bluebelle study: a feasibility study of three wound dressing strategies in eLective and unplanned surgery
  • ROCSS: Reinforcement of Closure of Stoma Site. A randomised controlled trial of reinforcement of closure of stoma site using a biological mesh.

Principal Investigator (University Hospital Birmingham):

  • HART: Hughes Abdominal Repair Trial

Membership of committees:

  • Cohort Studies Subcommittee of the European Society of Coloproctology (Chair)
  • Research Committee, European Society of the Coloproctology (member)
  • UKCRN NIHR National Surgical Speciality Group
  • OPEN trial DMEC (member)

Membership of societies:

  • The Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland.
  • The European Society of Coloproctology
  • West Midlands Research Collaborative


Selected publications

Matthews JH, Bhanderi S, Chapman SJ, Nepogodiev D, Pinkney T, Bhangu A. Underreporting of Secondary Endpoints in Randomized Trials: Cross-sectional, Observational Study. Ann Surg. 2016 Jan 7

Gardenbroek TJ, Pinkney TD, Sahami S et al. The ACCURE-trial: the effect of appendectomy on the clinical course of ulcerative colitis, a randomised international multicenter trial (NTR2883) and the ACCURE-UK trial: a randomised external pilot trial (ISRCTN56523019). BMC Surg. 2015;15:30.

Boney O, Bell M, Bell N, Conquest A, Cumbers M, Drake S, Galsworthy M, Gath J, Grocott MP, Harris E, Howell S, Ingold A, Nathanson MH, Pinkney T, Metcalf L. Identifying research priorities in anaesthesia and perioperative care: final report of the joint National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia/James Lind Alliance Research Priority Setting Partnership. BMJ Open. 2015 Dec 16;5(12):e010006.

Pinkney TD, Morton DG. Novel approaches to surgical trials and the assessment of new surgical technologies. Br J Surg. 2015 Jan;102(2):e10-1.

Vohra RS, Evison F, Bejaj I, Ray D, Patel P, Pinkney TD. The effect of ethnicity on in-hospital mortality following emergency abdominal surgery: a national cohort study using Hospital Episode Statistics. Public Health. 2015 Nov;129(11):1496-502. 

Pinkney TD, Calvert M, Bartlett DC, Gheorghe A, Redman V, Dowswell G et al, on behalf of the West Midlands Research Collaborative and the ROSSINI Trial Investigators. The impact of wound-edge protection devices on surgical site infection after laparotomy (ROSSINI Trial): a multicentre randomised controlled trial. Br Med J. 2013;347:f4305. 

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