Dr Anita Slade PhD, MPhil, DipCOT

Dr Anita Slade

Institute of Applied Health Research
ITM Research Fellow

Contact details

Centre for Patient Reported Outcomes Research (CPROR)
Institute of Applied Health Research
Murray Learning Centre
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Anita Slade PhD is the ITM Research Fellow in the Centre for Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) research at the University of Birmingham. She is experienced in evaluating and developing patient reported outcome measures in a range of clinical settings.   She is experienced in using Rasch analysis as a tool for evaluating health outcomes and educational assessments.   She has presented and lectured on health outcomes at a national and international level.



  • PhD by Publication, Leeds Beckett University 2008
  • MPhil, University of Leeds 2001
  • DipCOT, Combined Training Institute, Cardiff University 1978
  • HCPC registered (current)


Dr Slade teaches on a number of MSc and BSc modules.

Previous Teaching Experience

  • Sept 2010 to May 2016: BSc and MSc pre-registration Occupational Therapy, and MSc Advanced Professional Practice, Lecturer and Advanced Professional Practice lead Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Health, Plymouth University.
  • Sept 2004 to Sept 2008:  MSc Pre-registration Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science, Senior Lecturer and      Practice Placement Co-ordinator, Faculty of Health, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds.
  • Nov 2003 to Sept 2004:  BSc Pre-registration Occupational Therapy, Senior Lecturer, School of Health and Social Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield.

Programme Development

  • February 2016: Revalidation MSc Advanced Professional Practice, Plymouth University.
  • Jan 2010: Development and validation: MSc Pre-registration Occupational Therapy, Plymouth University.
  • Jan 2010: Revalidation BSc Occupational Therapy, Plymouth University.
  • Sept 2004 Development and validation: MSc Pre-registration Occupational Therapy Leeds Metropolitan University.

Postgraduate supervision

Rasch Analsysis; Patient Reported Outcomes

Other activities

Dr Slade has been an external examiner on a number of PhD panels where development of PRO have been the main focus of the PhD.


Recent publications


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