Dr Alice M Turner MBChB (Hons), MRCP, PGCE (MedEd), PhD

Dr Alice Turner

Institute of Applied Health Research
Reader in Respiratory Medicine
Honorary Consultant Respiratory Physician

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Institute of Applied Health Research
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Alice Turner (nee Wood) is a Reader and Consultant in Respiratory Medicine.

Alice’s research interests are predominantly in clinical aspects of alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency (AATD) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), fields in which she has published widely. Optimising monitoring and therapy for AATD is a major focus for her group, though they are also studying aspects of care delivery for COPD, particularly those that span from secondary into primary care.


  • PhD in Respiratory Medicine 2010
  • PGC in Medical Education 2007
  • MRCP 2004
  • MBChB (Hons) 2001


Alice graduated from the University of Leicester and has done postgraduate training via the Universities of Dundee and Birmingham, the latter being where she completed a PhD focussed on genetic and environmental influences on AATD. Her PhD work resulted in the award of British Lung Foundation and European Lung Science Young Investigator Prizes. She has strong collaborative links with National Jewish Health and Harvard University for her AATD research. She has been a consultant in respiratory medicine at Heartlands hospital since 2011, and clinical director of R&D there since 2015. 

Her current research projects include: 

  1. Analyses of the effect of AAT augmentation therapy, using real-life data from the USA and UK
  2. Biomarkers of exacerbations of AATD lung disease
  3. Prevalence of AATD in the UK
  4. Cluster randomised trial of integrated care for COPD
  5. Clinical relevance of small airways disease in older people

In addition she is on the steering committee for the European AATD registry (EARCO) and NIHR AATD collaborative, and part of the COPD cohorts international assessment (3CIA) group. She is also collaborating with several companies to deliver clinical trials in AATD, including phase II trials of both lung and liver directed therapy where she will act as UK lead.Her clinical work is at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, where she is COPD lead at the Heartlands site and AATD service lead at the Queen Elizabeth site.


  • MBChB/1st/Introduction to respiratory medicine (IRM

Clinical module lead 2009-2018

Clinical lectures, small group teaching, assessment

  • MBChB/2nd/PIP

Project lead in lung cancer

1 lecture, 2 small group sessions

  • MBChB/5th

Deputy Lead for year 5

Clinical component lead for Written Professional Communication 

  • BDS/3rd& 4th/Clinical Human Disease

Module lead for medicine

Interim module lead for infection

  • BMedSc/3rd

Average 2 students pa for final year dissertation project

  • MPharm/4th

Average 1 student pa for final year dissertation project

Postgraduate supervision

The following is a list of recent or current postgraduate degree supervision. Enquiries from self-funding potential students or those wishing to pursue a Fellowship in my current areas of research interest are welcome by email.

  • MD - Immunomodulatory properties of vitamin D in tuberculosis (write up)
  • MD - Multi-modality classification of AATD related COPD (submitted)
  • MD - Immune activation in AATD associated lung disease (year 3)
  • MD - Ambulatory oxygen therapy in COPD (write up)
  • PhD - Cell specific genomics exploring shared pathogenesis between COPD and lung cancer (year 2)
  • MD - Determinants of type 2 respiratory failure in COPD (write up)
  • PhD - The role of hypoxia in vascular co-morbidity in chronic inflammatory disease (write up)



The main focus of my group is to define and validate appropriate clinical endpoints in order to conduct clinical studies of new treatments for AATD. Translation of research from such trials and epidemiological work to clinical practice has led to a recent focus on systematic reviews, but we are also interested in broader studies that define disease progression, which in turn can inform trial design.


My group are interested in health care design for COPD. This has included studies of care bundles, treatments for more advanced disease (such as oxygen and NIV), and reviews of the effectiveness of self-management. Our major interest at present is in integration of care between hospitals and GP practices. I have also conducted research into diseases which occur alongside COPD, such as lung cancer and skeletal muscle dysfunction, which I now conduct solely through collaborations. My collaborations in COPD also extend to global work, funded by the NIHRAATD at UHBEARCO registry.

Other activities

Professional/clinical committees

  • European Respiratory Society AATD registry steering committee member 2018-
  • NICE health technology appraisal committee 2018-2021
  • European Respiratory Society taskforce for AATD 2016-
  • British Thoracic Society Specialist Advisory group for COPD 2015-2018 

Positions with peer reviewed journals

  • Associate editor: Canadian Respiratory Journal (2017-), BMC Pulmonary medicine (2017-), Journal of COPD (2018-)
  • Editorial boards: Journal of COPD foundation (2015-), World Journal of Respirology (2013-)


  • AM Turner et al, Hepatic targeted RNA interference provides prolonged knockdown of AAT levels in ZZ patients: the ARC-AAT phase I clinical trial, J Hepatology (2018) 69: 378-84
  • S Townsend, P Ellis, R Edgar, D Kantas, PN Newsome & AM Turner, Progression and treatment of liver disease in AATD: a systematic review, Alimentary Pharmacol & Ther (2018) 47: 877-885
  • D Crossley, M Renton, M Khan, P Nightingale, EV Low & AM Turner, CT densitometry in emphysema: a systematic review of clinical utility, Int J COPD (2018) 13: 547-563
  • R Edgar, M Patel, S Bayliss, D Crossley, E Sapey & AM Turner, Treatment of Lung Disease in AATD: a systematic review and meta-analysis,  Int J COPD (2017) 12: 1295
  • CE Green, S Vayalapra, D Mukherjee, J Hampson, RA Stockley &AM Turner, PiSZ AATD: pulmonary phenotype and prognosis relative to PiZZ and PiMM COPD, Thorax (2015) 70: 939-45
  • J Soriano, …. AM Turneret al, A pooled analysis of 15,632 COPD patients comparing the GOLD 2007 and 2011 staging systems for COPD focused on mortality, Lancet Resp Med (2015) 3: 443-50
  • AM Turner, WS Lim, R Chamira, SA Welham & J Calvert, A care-bundles based approach to improving standards of care in COPD: Results of a national project, Thorax (2015) 70: 992-4
  • J Dretzke, …..AM Turner*& D Moore*, The cost-effectiveness of community based NIV in patients with stable end stage COPD with hypercapnic respiratory failure. A systematic review and economic evaluation, HTA (2015) 19: 1-246
  • A Pillai, RA Stockley & AM Turner, The relationship of the 2011 GOLD symptom risk assessment strategy to clinically relevant outcomes in individuals with AATD, Annals of ATS (2014) 11: 859-64
  • AP Pillai, RA Stockley  &AM Turner, GOLD 2011 symptom/risk grading in AATD, Chest (2013) 144(4): 1152-62

* Joint first/last author

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