Dr Nana Osei Bonsu

Dr Nana Osei Bonsu

Business School
Research Fellow (Responsible Business - Sustainability)

Contact details

Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business
Birmingham Business School
University House
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham
B15 2TT

Interest in the policy dynamics of change in human and natural systems, i.e., the policies and governance frameworks required in transitioning towards responsible business and sustainable futures. Mixed academic and industrial background - with experience, engaging high-level and diverse stakeholder groups, including local politicians on sustainability-related issues – and a track record working in both developing and developed countries.

Background experience on place-making and sustainability-related policies and projects addressing cleaner energy technologies transition, e.g. electric vehicles and net-zero emissions-related issues (health and natural environment impacts from air pollution, climate change), including projects on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Other policy work and projects deal with value chains and circular economy, public policy scenarios development/workshops, and experience working at the Local Authority level in dealing with planning permission and Green Building Certifications/BREEAM requirements.

Interest applying Social and Future Sciences research methods practical to influence robust policies and decision-making promoting sustainable futures, i.e. policies understood as being economically efficient, socio-ecological secure, equitable/fair, and culturally representative of our world society.


  • PhD in Land-Use & Sustainable Forestry Research, 2016, University College of Dublin
  • MSc. Environmental Resource & Sustainable Management, 2010, University College of Dublin
  • BSc. Environmental, Health & Safety Management, 2008, Athlone Institute of Technology, Ireland
  • PGC in Managing Development, Open University
  • Postgraduate Study: Environment Decision-Making Process, Open University
  • Postgraduate Study: Occupational, Health & Safety Management, Open University
  • Sciences - Laboratory Technology, University of Cape Coast, GH, 1999 


Dr Nana Osei Bonsu is a research fellow at Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business at the Birmingham Business School.

His professional and research interest relates to sustainability policy and governance, exploring the linkages among diverse local, regional and global priorities for policy and socio-ecological change required towards sustainable futures. He examines Sustainable Development Goals, with links to: Sustainable Transportation, Land-Use Ecosystem Governance initiatives such as Sustainable Forest Management and Biodiversity Protection.

Nana’s background include contributing to research projects funded by the European Commission to achieve more coherent processes for integrated forest and land-use management policy formulation. His approaches range from locally focused case studies exploring cross-institutional and cross-boundary interfaces. Recent interdisciplinary and published research include the examination of societal conflicting demands on Land-Use Ecosystem Services, and the role of Integrated Land-Use Planning towards multi-stakeholder desired outcomes.

His work at Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business at the Birmingham Business School includes emphasis on businesses integration of Global Value Chains on society, focusing on Britain’s policy vison towards low-carbon economy and zero emission vehicles.

Before joining Birmingham University, Nana worked for Surrey County Council, London Borough of Hounslow and London Councils where he worked on Infrastructure, Transport, Environment-Health related policy and projects. Prior to that, Nana spent four years at the University College of Dublin, School of Agricultural and Food Science where he worked as Research Scientist on EU FP-7 funded large-scale collaborative research project INTEGRAL. He has conducted research and applied work in multi-stakeholder processes and participatory scenarios development.

Previous postgraduate research looked into environmental sustainability practices amongst Small Medium Enterprises, and the scope of improvement in Ireland. Within the private sector (both in Europe and Africa), Nana has worked with businesses, including, multi-nationals, to review and implement Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety management systems - towards ISO standards certifications. Past professional experience include working as a Production Engineer with Union Espanola de Explosivos, GH (currently MAXAM, GH), - responsible for explosives and blasting solutions for Mining, Quarrying and Construction applications. 


  • Module Tutoring (Birmingham Business School)
  • Professional Integrity and the Reflective Practitioner (MSc International Accounting and Finance)
  • Research Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Personal academic tutoring (MSc International Accounting and Finance)


Research interests

  • Net-Zero Emissions, Climate Change and Transition to Electric Vehicles
  • Global Value Chains Management & Circular Economy
  • Scenarios and Future-Oriented Thinking Methodologies for Sustainability Public Policy
  • Sustainable Development Concerns & Social Innovation
  • Sustainability & Responsible Business Practices
  • Sustainable Cities, Transportation & Ambient Air Pollution
  • Natural Resources Conflicts & Management
  • Sustainable Forest Management & Land-Use Planning
  • Biodiversity & Conservation Management

Current projects

I am currently working on a study that aim to explore Britain's’ Low-Carbon Economy and Zero Emission Vehicles Global Value Chain Sustainability.

Other activities

  • Pro Bono professional and academic services for external bodies
  • Editor of the journal,  Forest Policy and Economics
  • Reviewer, Futures Journal, Journal of Sustainable Forestry etc.
  • Membership with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), and appointed member of CIEH Air Quality Panel, - tasked with advising/influencing UK’s government policy around combating air pollution. 


Recent publications


O Bonsu, N, TyreeHageman, J & Kele, J 2020, 'Beyond Agenda 2030: future-oriented mechanisms in localising the sustainable development goals (SDGs)', Sustainability, vol. 12, no. 23, 9797. https://doi.org/10.3390/su12239797

Bonsu, NO 2020, 'Towards a circular and low-carbon economy: insights from the transitioning to electric vehicles and net zero economy', Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 256, 120659, pp. 1-14. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2020.120659

Bonsu, NO, Mcmahon, BJ, Meijer, S, Young, JC, Keane, A & Dhubháin, ÁN 2019, 'Conservation conflict: managing forestry versus hen harrier species under Europe's Birds Directive', Journal of Environmental Management, vol. 252, 109676. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jenvman.2019.109676

Bonsu, NO, Dhubháin, ÁN & O’connor, D 2017, 'Evaluating the use of an integrated forest land-use planning approach in addressing forest ecosystem services conflicting demands: Experience within an Irish forest landscape', Futures, vol. 86, pp. 1-17. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.futures.2016.08.004

Bonsu, NO, Dhubháin, ÁN & O'connor, D 2015, 'Understanding forest resource conflicts in Ireland: A case study approach', Land Use Policy. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.landusepol.2015.11.009

Commissioned report

Acton, J, Anderson, P, Andres, L, Angus, M, Amor, P, Arrowsmith, J (ed.), Asmelash, H, Bartington, S (ed.), Bengtsson, F, Bhullar, L, Bloss, W, Bonet, B, Börner, S, O Bonsu, N, Bryson, JR, Burns, V, Burrows, A, Calvert, C, Cassidy, N, Cavoski, A, Chadyiwa, M, Chapman, H, Chapman, L, Cockram, M, Degendardt, L, Dickinson, D, Ding, Y, Dobrzynski, D, Dolo, M, Dora, J, Ercolani, M, Ersoy, A, Farag, H, Ferranti, E, Fisher, R, Freer, M, Goldmann, N, Goode, CE, Greenham, S, Gulati, S, Hadfield-Hill, S, Harper, G, Hegerl, G, Hillmansen, S, Holmes, J, Huang, JJ, Huser, C, Jackson, R, Jaroszweski, D, Jefferson, I, Johnson, J, Kaewunruen, S, Kelly-Akinnuoye, F, Kettles, G, Kraftl, P, Krause, S, Leckebusch, GC, Lee, R, Lockwood, B (ed.), Lohse, J, Luna Diez, E, Lynch, I (ed.), MacKenzie, R, Maddison, D, Makepeace, J, Mann, V, Marino, R, Mavronicola, N, McDonald, M, McGowan, K (ed.), Metje, N, Ng, K, Nicol, J, O'Sullivan, C, Phalkey, N, Prestwood, E, Pyatt, N, Quinn, A, Radcliffe, J (ed.), Ravi, M, Reardon, L, Reeder, T, O’Regan, P, Remedios, L, Roberts, J, Rogers, C, Rungskunroch, P, van Schaik, W, Swan, J (ed.), Thomson, I, Toft, H (ed.), Tong, J, Botello Villagrana, F, Walton, A, Wason, C (ed.), Weir, C, Wood, R & Zhong, J 2021, Addressing the climate challenge. University of Birmingham. https://doi.org/10.25500/epapers.bham.00003451

Other contribution

O Bonsu, N 2019, Transition to Electric Vehicles: Stimulating Local Authorities to address charging infrastructure challenges.. <https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/Documents/college-social-sciences/business/responsible-future/Electric-Vehicles-final.pdf>

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Expert in sustainable business practices, sustainable transportation, land use planning and governance, national resources conflicts and management, sustainable forest management, implementation of sustainable development goals, biodiversity and conservation management and circular economy.

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