Professor Pervez Ghauri

Professor Pervez Ghauri

The Department of Strategy and International Business
Professor of International Business

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University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Pervez Ghauri is Professor in International Business and Editor in Chief for International Business Review. He is Fellow of AIB and EIBA and sits on EIBA board. 


  • PhD in Business Studies
  • Master in Business Studies
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)


Pervez Ghauri completed his PhD at Uppsala University in Sweden where he also taught for several years. After Uppsala, he joined Oslo Business School (later merged with Norwegian School of Management), Oslo Norway as Dean for Academic Affairs (Provost) where he developed an International MBA programme. In 1993, he joined University of Groningen, Netherlands as Professor of Marketing and International Business and later served as Dean for the period 1997 – 2000. In 2001 he was asked to join Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, as Professor of International Business where he developed a Centre for International Business Studies and an MSc in International Business. During the period 2008 to 2015 he was Professor of International Business at King’s College London where he developed an MSc in International Marketing and reorganized the MSc in International Management. At present, he is Professor of International Business at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham, UK.

Pervez was visiting Professor at Michigan State University, USA during the period 2000 – 2001 and is Visiting Professor at University of Vaasa, Finland, Uppsala University and Lund University in Sweden and holds British Hispanic Foundation’s “Queen Victoria Eugenia” Honorary Chair for Postgraduate studies at Complutense University in Madrid, Spain.

He served as Vice President for Academy of International Business from 2008 – 2010. He is Fellow of Academy of International Business (AIB) and of European International Business Academy (EIBA). Recently, he was awarded an honorary Doctorate by Turku School of Economics and Management, University of Turku, Finland.

Pervez has published more than 30 books on International Business and International Marketing topics and numerous articles in journals such as; Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, Management International Review, British Journal of Management, Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing and International Marketing Review.

He consults and offers training programmes to a number of organisations such as; BP, Airbus Industries and Ericsson. He is the founding Editor in Chief for International Business Review, the official journal of EIBA, and was Editor (Europe) for Journal of World Business for the years 2007 – 2014. He is also series editor for the book series International Business and Management.


Director of PhD Programmes

MSc International Business

Postgraduate supervision

3 PhD Candidates

Pervez Ghauri has supervised more than 25 Ph.D. dissertations in Sweden, Netherlands and United Kingdom (22 graduated and 4 in the process). Most of the graduated students are now Associate / Assistant Professors in good schools in UK, Europe, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Several of Pervez's PhD students have received 'Best Paper' awards in AIB, EIBA and AIB-UK conferences.

Pervez has served as External Examiner for scores of Ph.D. dissertations in the United Kingdom (Lancaster University, University of Glasgow, Manchester Business School, University of Leeds, University of London, University of Bradford and University of Kent, UK), Sweden (Uppsala University and Royal Institute of Technology), Norway (Norwegian School of Management and University of Agdar), Spain (Autonomous University Barcelona and Complutense University Madrid), Germany (ESCP – Europe, Berlin), Finland (University of Vaasa) and The Netherlands (University of Groningen and Maastricht University). 

Pervez has supervised and examined more than 100 Masters Theses in Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and United Kingdom.


  • Internationalization process of the firm (e.g., entry strategies)
  • Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) and emerging markets
  • The impact of MNEs on local development, poverty reduction and CSR
  • International business negotiations
  • Market driving strategies: Beyond market orientation

Research Grants and Funding

European Commission FP-7 (CP_FP), a collaborative research grant for the project, “A framework model on MNEs impact on global development challenges” (with Lappeenranta University, Oxford University, Brunel University, UNU-MERIT and Turku University), (Total project € 2.2 million, our part £ 280000). Started January 2014.

Economic and Social Sciences Research Council (ESRC) UK, research grant for the project; An Investigation into Factors Influencing Market Driving Strategies, (with Fatima Wang, King’s College London), (£ 357000) three years project starting February, 2011.

Soderbergs Research Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden, Research grant for the project: Creating Brand Value and Market Orientation on Emerging Markets: The Role of Business and Socio-Political Relationships, (with Ulf Elg, Lund University, Sweden), four year project (SEK 4,250,000:- (£ 400000)), September 2011 – August 2016.

Economic and Social Research Council, (ESRC) UK, Research grant for the project; Multinational Enterprise Acquisitions and Linkages in Emerging Markets, (with Mo Yamin and Marcela Miozzo) three year project (£ 177000), January 2005-July 2008.

Handelsbankens Research Council (Sweden), Research grant for the project; The Impact of Market Orientation on Entry Strategies of Retailing Firms, (with Ulf Elg, Lund University, Sweden), four year project (SEK 3,900,000:- (£ 390000)), January 2003-January 2008. 

Other activities

  • Founding Editor in Chief International Business Review
  • Fellow Academy of International Business (AIB)
  • Fellow European International Business Academy (EIBA)
  • Board Member EIBA
  • Have organized and chaired several conferences such as; EIBA, AIB-UK, IMP and CIMAR.


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International Marketing, (with Philip. Cateora), 4th edition, London: McGraw-Hill, 2014.

Doing Business in Emerging Markets, (with Tamer Cavusgil and Ayse Akcal), 2nd edition, London: Sage, 2013.

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