Dr Martin R. Higgs

Dr Martin R. Higgs

Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences
Birmingham Fellow for Genomics and Rare Diseases
MRC Career Development Fellow

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Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences: IBR West Extension
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Martin Higgs is a group leader in the newly formed Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences. He is currently the Birmingham Fellow for Genomics and Rare Disease, and leads a research group working on the cellular response to genotoxic stress.

He has published papers in top journals, such as Molecular Cell, Oncogene, Cancer Research and Nature Genetics, and has been invited to speak at both national and international conferences.

Martin’s area of expertise is in the cellular response to DNA damage, and identifying novel regulators of this process. His particular interest is in studying how a single post-translational modification, known as Lysine methylation, regulates this process. In addition, part of his work focuses on the role of the DNA damage response in ensuring human development and preventing rare human diseases.

He also maintains a long-standing interest in the impact of chronic viral infection on this process, and on the consequences of this on the DNA damage response during carcinogenesis. 


  • PhD in Virology, University of Glasgow, 2008
  • BSc in Molecular & Cellular Biology, University of Stirling, 2004


  • BSc Biomedical Science Advanced Molecular Genetics (Year 2)
  • BSc Biomedical Science Cancer Pathogenesis and Treatment (Year 3)
  • BSc Biomedical Science DNA Damage Response (Year 3)
  • MBChB Cancer: Causes to Cures (Year 2)

Postgraduate supervision

Martin Higgs’s area of expertise is in the cellular response to DNA damage, and identifying novel regulators of this process. He also maintains a long-standing interest in the impact of chronic viral infection on this process, and on the consequences on the DNA damage response during carcinogenesis.

Martin is currently co-supervising doctoral students in studying novel actors which regulate the response to genotoxic stress.

Other activities

Reviewer for grant funding bodies and journals.


Recent publications


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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

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