Dr Larissa Fabritz

Dr Larissa Fabritz

Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences
Reader in Cardiovascular Sciences

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Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Larissa Fabritz studies novel mechanisms of heart disease and performs translational research towards mechanism-based therapies of cardiovascular diseases. As a clinical consultant, she sees patients in the department of Cardiology at UHB. Dr Larissa Fabritz engages in research on molecular mechanisms of cardiomyopathies and arrhythmias as well as molecular cardiovascular imaging with her working group at the University of Birmingham, collaborations at the University of Muenster, Germany and throughout Europe and the United States.


  • 2012 Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology
  • 2012 Habilitation Internal Medicine “Towards molecular mechanism-based therapy of cardiomyopathies and arrhythmias”
  • 2011 GMC accreditation
  • 2010 Board Certification in Medicine
  • 1998 Thesis summa cum laude
  • 1997 Graduation from Medical School


  • Molecular mechanisms of arrhythmias and cardiomyopathies
  • Molecular mechanisms of atrial fibrillation and atrial thrombosis
  • Sodium channel dysfunction
  • Desmosomal proteins

Other activities

CATCH ME - Characterizing Atrial fibrillation by Translating its Causes into Health Modifiers in the Elderly


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