Ms Rosalind Davies MChem

School of Chemical Engineering
Postgraduate Researcher

Contact details

School of Chemical Engineering
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Rosie graduated from Oxford University with an MChem in Chemistry in 2011 before starting her PhD in October 2011. Rosie’s PhD is funded as a part of the EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre in Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and their applications. Rosie is working in the Chemistry department developing lithium amide materials for hydrogen storage applications.


Posters Presented

  • Investigation into the solid state structure of LiCl doped LiNH2, and the factors affecting its application for hydrogen storage.  - Presented at the MEGS annual conference 2012
  • Underground Hydrogen Storage in Salt Caverns. -Presented at 7th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference (NEC)


Supervisors: Paul Anderson, Aman Dhir

The lithium amide system has been widely studied as a promising hydrogen storage system, with improvements seen by the introduction of halide doping. Structural investigation using X-ray diffraction is being undertaken, with the intention of probing the mechanism of improvements in hydrogen storage properties. 

Other activities

Rosie has an interest in public engagement and is a STEM Net ambassador and trained as an Imagineering volunteer. 

Events attended

  • 7th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Conference (NEC)
  • MEGS Christmas conference 2011
  • MEGS annual conference 2012
  • Sustainability Live 2012

Outside of her research, Rosie competes as a fencer for the university and at a national level, in addition to competing in triathlons. 


  • Oxygen-Tolerant [NiFe]-Hydrogenases: The Individual and Collective Importance of Supernumerary Cysteines at the Proximal Fe-S Cluster, Michael J. Lukey, Maxie M. Roessler,  Alison Parkin, Rhiannon M. Evans, Rosalind A. Davies, Oliver Lenz, Baerbel Friedrich, Frank Sargent, and Fraser A. Armstrong, JACS, 2011, 133, 16881-16892
  • How Salmonella oxidises H2 under aerobic conditions, Alison Parkin, Lisa Bowman, Maxie M. Roessler, Rosalind A. Davies, Tracy Palmer, Fraser A. Armstrong, Frank Sargent, FEBS letters, 2011
  • EPR Spectroscopic Studies of the Fe-S clusters in the O2-tolerant [NiFe]-Hydrogenase Hyd-1 from Escherichia coli¬ and characterisation of the unique [4Fe-3S] cluster by HYSCORE,  Maxie M. Roessler, Rhiannon M. Evans, Rosalind A. Davies, Jeffrey Harmer, and Fraser A. Armstrong, JACS, 2012