Andrew Gray MSci

Andrew Gray

School of Chemical Engineering

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School of Chemical Engineering
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Andrew is an EngD student in the Centre for Formulation Engineering at the University.


  • MSci in Chemistry, University of Bristol 2013


Andrew qualified with an MSci in Chemistry from the University of Bristol in 2013. Following on from his undergraduate degree Andrew worked in pharmaceutical market research until September 2014 at which point the draw of research was again calling and he began the EngD at the University of Birmingham.


Andrew’s current research involves an investigation into the mechanical properties of microcapsules in relation to laundry products with P&G, specifically, what affects the burst properties of trigger points of microcapsules.

Andrew’s masters research was based around investigating the influence of impurities on the two-dimensional structure of quasi hard-disc colloidal systems. The work he completed on the subject has been published in the Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter.


Gray et al. (2015). Determination of microcapsule physicochemical, structural, and mechanical properties, Particuology, 24, 32-43

Gray, A. T. et al. (2015) Structural characterisation of polycrystalline colloidal monolayers in the presence of aspherical impurities, J. Phys.Cond. Mat., 27, 194108