Dr Harry Evdorides Dipl.-Ing PhD CEng EurIng MIHT

Department of Civil Engineering
Welfare Tutor
Senior Road Executives Programme Leader

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School of Civil Engineering
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Evdorides obtained a Dipl. Ing. in Civil Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He joined the Highways Group in 1990 as a research student and in 1994 was admitted to the degree of PhD (Civil Engineering) having carried out research that led to "A Prototype Knowledge-Based System for Pavement Analysis".

Subsequently working at the University as a research fellow in a number of R&D projects, Dr Evdorides was awarded the title of EurIng (FEANI) in 2000. Two years later he was appointed lecturer in Road Asset Management and Convenor of the MSc Road Management and Engineering Programme. 

Harry has represented the University of Birmingham at the International Road Federation (IRF) since 2003, establishing the MSc Roads and Public Policy in 2004. In 2008 he was appointed to Acting Programme Manager of the Department of Civil Engineering and became the leading academic of the Accident Research Group.


  • Road Asset Management, MScRME
  • Maintenance of Roads and Bridges, MScRME
  • Individual Research Project, MScRME
  • Research and Communication Skills, MScRME and MScCM
  • Guided Study, 3rd Year BEng Civil Engineering
  • Research/Computational Project, 3rd Year BEng Civil Engineering
  • Champion for Week 2 of the Senior Road Executives Programme (covering Institutional Issues and Reforms of the Road Sector)


His main research interests are in highway asset management and engineering. He has participated in a number of research projects including:

  • Structural evaluation of road pavements
  • Development of expert systems for pavement analysis
  • Investigation of the usage of Finite Elements for Falling Weight Deflectometer data analysis
  • Road pavement performance modelling
  • Road Infrastructure Maintenance Evaluation Study (RIMES)
  • ARMBUILD – Tempus TACIS programme
  • Road safety and road accident related data analysis (TRACE and CCIS projects)
  • Pavement design for developing countries

Dr Evdorides has been supervising a number of MPhil/PhD and MSc projects. A selection of the topics concerned includes:

  • Road Data Reliability
  • Pavement Performance Prediction
  • Sustainable Pavement Management
  • Pavement Design
  • Genetic Algorithms and Multi-Criteria Analysis for Road Works Programming
  • Road Cracking Modelling
  • Data Integrity
  • Road Data Collection Strategies

Other activities


  • 1997 – Telford Premium, ICE.


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