Professor Martin Snaith OBE, FREng, MA, BAI, MSc, PhD, ScD, FICE, FIHT

Professor Martin Snaith

Department of Civil Engineering
Emeritus Professor of Highway Engineering

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School of Civil Engineering
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Martin Snaith is Emeritus Professor of Highway Engineering and Chairs the International Consortium centred upon the University, HDMGlobal, responsible for the development and marketing of the benchmark road economic model HDM-4. He has and does carry out extensive research into road management issues and has published widely in Journals and addressed conferences around the world on developments in Road Asset Management.

He lectures extensively on this topic at home and overseas not least regularly to KTH in Sweden and the University of Canterbury in New Zealand (Former Erskine fellow) and the Senior Roads Executive programme at the University of Birmingham.

He advises many agencies around the World both governmental and commercial on high level problems concerned with road resourcing in general and all areas of road asset management.

In addition he sits as a Trustee of the Bournville Village Trust and is a sometime member of The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.


  • OBE, 2005
  • Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, 1998
  • ScD, University of Dublin, 1984
  • Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 1979
  • Fellow of the Institution of Highways and Transportation, 1975
  • PhD, University of Nottingham, 1973
  • MA, University of Dublin, 1971
  • MSc, University of Dublin, 1969
  • BAI, First Class Honours degree in Engineering, University of Dublin, 1968


Martin Snaith qualified from Trinity College, Dublin in 1968 followed by two University research attachments, one in Dublin and one at Nottingham resulting in an MSc and a PhD in the dynamic testing of pavement subgrades for the US Army Corps of Engineers and bituminous paving materials for the TRL(UK), respectively.

Following that he spent time overseas with the Ministry of Works in Kenya and then returned to academia in Dublin as a Post Doctoral Fellow and thereafter at Queens University as a Lecturer which was followed by the post of Overseas Development Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham and later a Chair, deputy Dean and Pro-Vice-Chancellor.

He stepped down from that position in 2002 and has since then been an Emeritus Professor both assisting the Civil Engineering Department and also building up his home and overseas consulting practice. He is a Director of Highway Management Services Ltd and Chairs the international consortium known as HDMGlobal which seeks to develop further the HDM suite of economic analysis programs for highways, and thereafter market and sell them on behalf of its stakeholders and the World Road Association.

He contributes to the work as Trustee of the Bournville Village Trust which is concerned with the welfare of communities originally based around the Cadbury factory on the outskirts of Birmingham but now also more widely spread.


Strategic road asset management leading to the development and implementation of both Network and “Project to Network” models which are designed for use, and indeed are used, worldwide.

Determination of appropriate funding levels for highway networks and the quantification of corruption in the roads sector and how it affects the economies of the “host” countries.

Other activities

  • Trustee of the Bournville Village Trust
  • Vice-Chair of Governors, Solihull School (Sometime)
  • Commonwealth Scholarship Commissioner (Sometime)
  • Erskine Fellow, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, (2003-2006)


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