Miss Annika Therese Kroeger

Miss Annika Therese Kroeger

School of Dentistry
Clinical lecturer in oral surgery

Ms Annika Kroeger is a full time Clinical Lecturer in Oral Surgery at the University of Birmingham.

In addition to her clinical work, Annika focusses on her research work. Currently, she is investigating the pathophysiology behind peri-implant lesions.

Annika is also involved in undergraduate teaching in Oral Surgery and is extending her postgraduate teaching experiences.


Dentistry, University of Bonn, Germany


Annika qualified as a dentist from the University of Bonn, Germany, in late 2015.

She has started her research work during her time as a student in Bonn and therefore got offered a teaching and research position at the University of Bonn. In early 2016 she started working in the Department of Periodontology, Operative and Preventive Dentistry in Bonn, which included undergraduate and postgraduate teaching, clinical work and research responsibility.

In September 2018, she joined the University of Birmingham as a full time Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Oral Surgery. Teaching, as well as clinical and research work are main parts of her duty here at the University of Birmingham.


  • Clinical Teaching BDS year 3 to 5 in Oral Surgery


  • Peri-implant disease


Kröger, A. (2018), The Severity of Human Peri-Implantitis Lesions Correlates with the Level of Submucosal Microbial Dysbiosis, Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Volume 45, Issue 12

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