Professor Gabriel Landini DrOdont, PhD

Professor Gabriel Landini

School of Dentistry
Professor of Analytical Pathology and Head of Oral Pathology Unit
Director of Postgraduate Research Studies, Institute of Clinical Sciences

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The School of Dentistry
5 Mill Pool Way
B5 7EG
United Kingdom

Gabriel Landini is Professor of Analytical Pathology and Head of the Oral Pathology Unit, at the School of Dentistry in the Institute of Clinical Sciences.

Director of Postgraduate Research Studies, Institute of Clinical Sciences.


  • PhD, 1991, Kagoshima University, Japan.
  • Doctor of Odontology, 1984, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay.


Postgraduate supervision

Professor Landini is interested in supervising doctoral researchers in the following areas:

Quantitative microscopy of oral cancer and oral mucosa ageing
Intelligent imaging methods for histological image interpretation
Biological object segmentation, image enhancement and digital staining
Analysis and computer modelling of cell mixing in heterogeneous populations in vitro

Other activities

Gabriel is part of the international group of scientists contributing to the development of open source image processing modules for scientific imaging using the ImageJ and Fiji platforms.


Recent publications


Wongviriya, A, Shelton, R, Cooper, P, Milward, M & Landini, G 2023, 'The relationship between sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor 2 and epidermal growth factor on migration and invasion of oral squamous cell carcinoma', Cancer Cell International. <>

Hewitt, BJ, Batt, J, Shelton, R, Cooper, P, Landini, G, Lucas, R, Wiench, M & Milward, M 2022, 'A 3D printed device for in vitro generation of stratified epithelia at the air-liquid interface', Tissue Engineering Part C Methods.

Besnard, C, Marie, A, Bucek, P, Sasidharan, S, Harper, R, Marathe, S, Wanelik, K, Landini, G, Shelton, R & Korsunsky, AM 2022, 'Hierarchical 2D to 3D micro/nano-histology of human dental caries lesions using light, X-ray and electron microscopy', Materials & Design, vol. 220, 110829.

Rocha, MMM, Landini, G & Florindo, JB 2022, 'Medical image classification using a combination of features from convolutional neural networks', Multimedia Tools and Applications.

Besnard, C, Marie, A, Sasidharan, S, Bucek, P, Walker, JM, Parker, JE, Moxham, T, Daurer, B, Kaulich, B, Kazemian, M, Shelton, R, Landini, G & Korsunsky, AM 2022, 'Nanoscale correlative X-ray spectroscopy and ptychography of carious dental enamel', Materials and Design, vol. 224, 111272.

Pereira Prado, V, Landini, G, Taylor, AM, Vargas, P & Bologna Molina, R 2022, 'Spatial distribution of CD34 protein in primordial odontogenic tumour, ameloblastic fibroma and the tooth germ.', Journal of Oral Pathology and Medicine.

Besnard, C, Harper, R, Moxham, T, James, J, Storm, M, Salvati, E, Landini, G, Shelton, R & Korsunsky, A 2021, '3D analysis of enamel demineralisation in human dental caries using high- resolution, large field of view synchrotron X-ray micro-computed tomography', Materials Today Communications, vol. 27, 102418.

Leung, N, Harper, R, Shelton, R, Landini, G & Sui, T 2021, '4D microstructural changes in dentinal tubules during acid demineralisation', Dental Materials, vol. 37, no. 11, pp. 1714-1723.

Besnard, C, Harper, RA, Salvati, E, Moxham, TEJ, Romano Brandt, L, Landini, G, Shelton, RM & Korsunsky, AM 2021, 'Analysis of in vitro demineralised human enamel using multi-scale correlative optical and scanning electron microscopy, and high-resolution synchrotron wide-angle X-ray scattering', Materials and Design, vol. 206, 109739.

Salvati, E, Besnard, C, Harper, RA, Moxham, T, Shelton, RM, Landini, G & Korsunsky, AM 2021, 'Finite element modelling and experimental validation of the enamel demineralisation process at the rod level', Journal of Advanced Research, vol. 29, pp. 167-177.

Fouad, S, Landini, G, Robinson, M, Song, M & Mehanna, H 2021, 'Human papilloma virus detection in oropharyngeal carcinomas with in situ hybridisation using hand crafted morphological features and deep central attention residual networks', Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, vol. 88, 101853.

Harper, R, Shelton, R, James, J, Salvati, E, Besnard, C, Korsunsky, AM & Landini, G 2020, 'Acid-induced demineralisation of human enamel as a function of time and pH observed using X-ray and polarised light imaging', Acta Biomaterialia, vol. 0, pp. 1-27.

Landini, G, Martinelli, G & Piccinini, F 2020, 'Colour Deconvolution – stain unmixing in histological imaging', Bioinformatics.

Salvati, E, Besnard, C, Harper, R, Moxham, T, Shelton, R, Landini, G & Korsunsky, AM 2019, 'Crack tip stress field analysis of crack surface contact and opening during in situ wedge loading of human enamel', Key Engineering Materials, vol. 827, pp. 85-91.

Conference contribution

Song, T-H, Landini, G, Fouad, S & Mehanna, H 2019, Epithelial segmentation from in situ hybridisation histological samples using a deep central attention learning approach. in 2019 IEEE 16th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2019)., 8759384, Proceedings - International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, vol. 2019-April, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), pp. 1527-1531, 2019 IEEE 16th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging , Venice, Italy, 8/04/19.

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