Professor Philip Lumley BDS, FDSRCPS, MDentSc, PhD, FDS RCS, FDSRCS

Professor Philip Lumley

School of Dentistry
Deputy Head of College of Medical and Dental Sciences

Contact details

The School of Dentistry
5 Mill Pool Way
B5 7EG
United Kingdom

Philip is Deputy Head of College of Medical and Dental Sciences, a member of the College of Medical Sciences Board and University Senate. He is also Professor of Endodontology and honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry with the Birmingham Community Health Foundation Trust.

Philip has published widely in the field of Endodontology and has written or contributed chapters to five textbooks on Endodontics. He contributes to the Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching programmes of the School and maintains a clinical interest in Endodontics especially in regard to the use of the operating microscope which he has used routinely since 1996.

Philip is a former President of the British Endodontic Society. He also serves on the editorial board of the International Endodontic journal.


  • FDSRCS Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh (Honorary) 2004.
  • FDS RCS (Ad Eundum) Royal College of Surgeons England 2000.
  • Specialist list in Endodontics 2000.
  • PhD University of Birmingham 1996.
  • Certificate in Health Services Management 1991.
  • MDentSc University of Birmingham 1991.
  • Certificate of Accreditation in Restorative dentistry 1989.
  • FDSRCPS Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow 1984.
  • BDS University of Dundee 1980.


Philip qualified at the University of Dundee in 1980 and worked in the Dundee Dental Hospital for two years in NHS House Officer and Senior House Officer posts. In 1982 he moved to Glasgow to join the NHS rotational training scheme working in Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Periodontics and Prosthetics gaining the Fellowship in Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians of Glasgow in 1983. 

In 1984 he moved to the University of Birmingham to take up a lectureship in Conservative Dentistry, obtaining his Certificate of Accreditation in Restorative Dentistry in 1989. Following this he was awarded a Master of Dental Science and a PhD following research into ultrasonics and sonics in endodontics. In 1996 he was promoted to Senior Lecturer Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry and to a personal chair in Endodontology in 2004.


  • BDS
  • MSc in Advanced General Dental Practice.

Postgraduate supervision

Philip is involved in supervising students investigating a range of aspects of Endodontology from pulpal regeneration through to the mechanical and irrigation effects of new endodontic technologies.


His main research interests have been around minimally invasive dentistry and Endodontology. The emphasis being on conservation of tooth structure, examples include, a clinical evaluation of tunnel restorations, sonic and ultrasonic cleaning of root canals, new innovations in the shaping and obturation of root canals and dental regeneration. He is also interested in the survival of endodontically treated teeth in the NHS and the factors influencing this.

Other activities

  • Editorial Board of the International Endodontic Journal.
  • Trustee, Bournville Village Trust (University of Birmingham representative)


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