Dr Christopher Wagstaff BA, RMN/ DIP, Msc, PG Cert Ed.

Dr Christopher Wagstaff

School of Nursing
Senior Lecturer
Programme Director MSc Nursing and Lead for Mental Health Nursing

Contact details

Institute of Clinical Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Chris Wagstaff is a Senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham. He worked for the NHS for 14 years before entering Higher Education. He is a clinical nurse specialist in mental health and brings this experience to his role as the mental health Field of Practice lead for nursing in the college.

As Msc programme director Chris will ensure the design and delivery of high quality learning opportunities for students on the programme. Additionally, Chris will provide strategic oversight and direction of the programme. Chris should provide the ‘glue’ between modules by supporting and bringing together module leaders to facilitate the design and delivery of a cohesive programme.

Chris’ responsibilities as Field of Practice lead are the coordination of the teaching on the clinical modules, having an overview of mental health placements, liaising with trust partners and ensuring that the curriculum reflects current policy and best practice.

He is tutor and lecturer to a range to students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, training both mental health nurses and other professionals.

His PhD investigated disengagement from mental health services. When services fail to adequately engage with patients the consequences can be wide ranging; the PhD touched on ambivalent relationships with mental health services, violence, drug use and homelessness. Chris’ research is usually qualitative in nature. He is currently involved in two projects: he is leading on the SPLIF (Substance use Populations Impacts on Individuals and Families) research programme and is a collaborating with the SEVA (Student Experiences of Violence and Aggression) study.


  • PhD in Nursing Research in 2015
  • PG Cert Ed in 2009
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist in 2004
  • Msc in Health Science in 2003
  • RMN/ Dip in 1995
  • BA in Philosophy in 1990


Most academic years, Chris leads three clinical modules, at 1st, 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate level. 
He also contributes to clinical and theoretical modules at both undergraduate and post-graduate level.


2009: Virtual Presentation - on CLI at the 4th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, University of Athens, Greece

Other activities

  • 2004/2005: involved in writing the NICE guidelines for the Treatment of Bi-Polar affective disorder
  • 2005-2007:  mental health lead in the rewriting of the BNurs curriculum
  • 2006- 2007: Development of an Online Assessment workbook
  • 2006-2010: Development of a Self Harm training website (ILaSH)
  • 2007-Present:  Over 20 national and international conferences
  • 2011 - Present  Fitness to Practice coordinator for nursing
  • 2012:  Invited to submit to NICE Good Practice guidelines - {cited: 13-2-17}
  • 2013: Short listed for Nursing Times Nurse Lecturer of the year.
  • 2015-Present:  Scientific Committee for the European Conference Mental Health
  • 2015 - 18:  Joint developer/ Contributor on the Dementia: Managing challenging behaviours MOOC.  Available on Futurelearn.
  • 2017 onwards active member of of Mental Health Nurse Academics UK (MHNAUK)
  • Mental health practice case studies - Online Assessment Workbook


Recent publications


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