Dr Jacqueline Chetty

Dr Jacqueline Chetty

School of Computer Science
Equality and Diversity Lead of Computer Science

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Computer Science
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Jacqui Chetty is a lecturer. Jacqui has published a number of papers as well as a book chapter within the specialisation of computer science education. Jacqui has received grants at local as well as national level whilst working in South Africa. Jacqui was also a visiting lecturer at Stockton University, USA (2015).

Jacqui regularly contributes at a local, national and an international level to conferences focused on computer science education.

In 2018 Jacqui relocated from South Africa to the UK to take up a specialised student success position at the University of Kent. Jacqui joined the department of computer science in Birmingham in 2020, with a focus on teaching & learning.


  • Lecturer in the department of computer science
  • PhD in Education with specialization towards Computer Science Education (2016)
  • Fellow Higher Education Academy (FHEA) (2019)
  • MPhil IT (2005


During the progression of my academic career, I have consistently improved upon my qualifications. Initially, concentrating on CS, focusing on computer security / cybersecurity up to a master’s degree level; and changing direction to Computer Science Education (CSE) for my PhD studies.

I am a teaching-focused lecturer, having extensive experience teaching a range of computer science (CS) modules. My expertise extends to the methodological approaches of higher education. Over the last decade, I have been dedicated to researching, as well as striving towards the enhancement of educational quality for students within the field of CS. From grappling with how to teach students abstract CS concepts; to completing a PhD that focused on the development of innovative CS teaching practices, such as student-centred learning, collaborative learning and problem-based learning.

As an academic I have taught a range of modules, for example, computer systems, numerous programming languages, full-stack development, web development (databases), as well as a variety of computer security modules. The teaching has primarily been aimed at higher education level and includes undergraduate as well as postgraduate students.


Currently I teach the following:

  • Object-oriented programming
  • Software workshop I, II
  • Full-stack development


My current research topics are as follows:

  • Gamification
  • Teaching & learning within a COVID-19 environment

Other activities

Committees within the department of computer science:

  • EDI
  • Athena Swan


Book Chapters (peer reviewed)

  • Chetty, J. (2017), Combating the war against machines: An innovative approach to coding (chapter), Title of book: Robotics in STEM Education: Redesigning the Learning Experience, Springer, ISBN: 978-3-319-57785-2, Khine (Ed)

Journal Papers (peer reviewed)

  • Dennis Bouvier, Ellie Lovellette, John Matta, Jing Bai, Jacqueline Chetty, Stan Kurkovsky, and Jia Wan. (2019). Factors Affecting the Adoption of Peer Instruction in Computing Courses. In Proceedings of the Working Group Reports on Global Computing Education (CompEd-WGR ’19). Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA, 1–25. DOI
  • Chetty, J. (2015), The Notion of Lego© Mindstorms as a Powerful Pedagogical Tool: Scaffolding Learners Through Computational Thinking and Computer Programming, IIE journal, South Africa, 10(1), p. 69 - 84
  • Chetty, J. & Barlow-Jones, G. (2014), Novice Students and Computer Programming: Toward Constructivist Pedagogy, Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, Italy, 5(14), p. 240 - 251

Conference Papers (peer reviewed)

  • Barlow-Jones, G. & Chetty, J. (2020), Differing perspectives of IT student expectations at HEI’s: A South African and UK Narrative, ICICTE 2020, Greece
  • Chetty, J. & Barlow-Jones, G. (2018), Coding for girls: dismissing the boys club myth, ICICTE 2018, Greece
  • Chetty, J. & van der Westhuizen, D. (2017), The use of learning tools for active knowledge construction to develop coding skills, EdMedia2017, Washington, USA
  • Chetty, J. (2015), Lego Mindstorms: Merely a Toy or a Powerful Pedagogical Tool for Learning Computer Programming?, Australasian Computer Science Conference (ACSC) 2015, Sydney, Australia
  • Chetty, J. & van der Westhuizen, D. (2015), Towards a Pedagogical Design for Teaching Novice Programmers: Design-based Research as an Empirical Determinant for Success, Koli Calling, Finland
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  • Joubert, P. Barlow-Jones, G., & Chetty, J. (2015), Are Programmers Born or Made? Comparing Aptitude Tests with the Final Marks of Second-year Programming Students
  • Chetty, J., Barlow-Jones, G., & Joubert, P. Supporting Learning: Toward a Consolidated Tutoring System for IT Students
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  • Chetty J., Coetzee M., Towards an Information Security Framework for a Service-oriented architecture – ISSA conference, August 2010
  • Chetty J., Coetzee M., Evaluating information security controls applied by service-oriented architecture (SOA) governance frameworks - ISSA conference, July 2009
  • Chetty J., Coetzee M., Considering metadata for the governance of e-service collaborations – ZAWWW conference, September 2009

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