Professor Vincent Gauci PhD

Professor Vincent Gauci

Geography and Environmental Sciences
Birmingham Professorial Fellow

Professor Gauci investigates how the biosphere interacts with the atmosphere and he explores questions relating to how these interactions respond to various drivers of global change.


BSc (Hons); PhD


Prof. Vincent Gauci is a Birmingham Professorial Fellow in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences. He is interested in the biogeochemistry of carbon-dense terrestrial ecosystems such as forests, wetlands, peatlands, and forested wetlands and peatlands. In particular he is interested in how these ecosystems interact with the atmosphere through the exchange of greenhouse gases with a particular focus on trace greenhouse gases such as methane and N2O. He is also interested in fluvial losses of carbon from these ecosystems and agroecosystems and, as with his interest in GHG exchange, a unifying theme is the response of these exchanges to various agents of global change including atmospheric CO2 concentration change, pollutant exposure and deposition and land use change.  He has managed projects across Central and South America, Southeast Asia as well as Europe.


Recent publications


Gauci, V, Figueiredo, V, Gedney, N, Pangala, SR, Stauffer, T, Weedon, GP & Enrich-prast, A 2021, 'Non-flooded riparian Amazon trees are a regionally significant methane source', Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences , vol. 380, no. 2215, 20200446.

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Sjögersten, S, Siegenthaler, A, Lopez, OR, Aplin, P, Turner, B & Gauci, V 2020, 'Methane emissions from tree stems in neotropical peatlands', New Phytologist, vol. 225, no. 2, pp. 769-781.

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Welch, B, Gauci, V & Sayer, EJ 2019, 'Tree stem bases are sources of CH4 and N2O in a tropical forest on upland soil during the dry to wet season transition', Global Change Biology, vol. 25, no. 1, pp. 361-372.

Cook, S, Whelan, MJ, Evans, CD, Gauci, V, Peacock, M, Garnett, MH, Kho, LK, Teh, YA & Page, SE 2018, 'Fluvial organic carbon fluxes from oil palm plantations on tropical peatland', Biogeosciences, vol. 15, no. 24, pp. 7435–7450.

Sjögersten, S, Aplin, P, Gauci, V, Peacock, M, Siegenthaler, A & Turner, BL 2018, 'Temperature response of ex-situ greenhouse gas emissions from tropical peatlands: interactions between forest type and peat moisture conditions', Geoderma, vol. 324, pp. 47-55.

Materić, D, Peacock, M, Kent, M, Cook, S, Gauci, V, Röckmann, T & Holzinger, R 2017, 'Characterisation of the semi-volatile component of Dissolved Organic Matter by Thermal Desorption - Proton Transfer Reaction - Mass Spectrometry', Scientific Reports, vol. 7, 15936.

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Cook, S, Peacock, M, Evans, CD, Page, SE, Whelan, MJ, Gauci, V & Kho, LK 2017, 'Quantifying tropical peatland dissolved organic carbon (DOC) using a UV-visible spectroscopy', Water Research, vol. 115, pp. 229-235.

Materić, D, Lanza, M, Sulzer, P, Herbig, J, Bruhn, D, Gauci, V, Mason, N & Turner, C 2017, 'Selective Reagent Ion-Time of Flight-Mass Spectrometry study of six common monoterpenes', International Journal of Mass Spectrometry, vol. 421, pp. 40-50.

Cook, S, Peacock, M, Evans, CD, Page, SE, Whelan, M, Gauci, V & Khoon, KL 2016, 'Cold storage as a method for the long-term preservation of tropical dissolved organic carbon (DOC)', Mires and Peat, vol. 18, 25.

Siegenthaler, A, Welch, B, Pangala, SR & Gauci, V 2016, 'Semi-rigid chambers for methane gas flux measurements on tree stems', Biogeosciences, vol. 13, no. 4, pp. 1197-1207.


Pangala, SR, Enrich-Prast, A, Basso, LS, Peixoto, RB, Bastviken, D, Hornibrook, ERC, Gatti, LV, Marotta, H, Calazans, LSB, Sakuragui, CM, Bastos, WR, Malm, O, Gloor, E, Miller, JB & Gauci, V 2017, 'Large emissions from floodplain trees close the Amazon methane budget', Nature, vol. 552, pp. 230–234.

Other contribution

Evans, C, Morrison, R, Burden, A, Williamson, J, Baird, A, Brown, E, Callaghan, N, Chapman, P, Cumming, A, Dean, H, Dixon, S, Dooling, G, Evans, J, Gauci, V, Grayson, R, Haddaway, N, He, Y, Heppell, K, Holden, J, Hughes, S, Kaduk, J, Jones, D, Matthews, R, Menichino, N, Misselbrook, T, Page, S, Pan, G, Peacock, M, Rayment, M, Ridley, L, Robinson, I, Rylett, D, Scowen, M, Stanley, K & Worrall, F 2016, Final report on project SP1210: Lowland peatland systems in England and Wales – evaluating greenhouse gas fluxes and carbon balances..

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