Dr Mwita Chacha

Dr Mwita Chacha

Department of Political Science and International Studies
Assistant Professor

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POLSIS - School of Government
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Mwita Chacha is an Assistant Professor in International Relations. His research examines the politics of regional integration and the consequences of political and economic interdependence on domestic security and conflict.

Feedback and office hours

  • Tuesday 2-4pm
  • Wednesday 12-2pm


Lecturer in International Relations:

  • PhD in Political Science, University of Georgia, 2011
  • MA in Political Science, University of Georgia, 2007
  • BA in Political Science, Valdosta State University, 2004


Mwita Chacha is a Lecturer in International Relations at POLSIS. He received his PhD in Political Science in 2011 from the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, USA. His research examines the regional integration processes and the impact of economic and political interdependence on domestic security and conflict. His work has appeared in various outlets including European Union Politics, Regional & Federal Studies, African Affairs, and Journal of Peace Research.

More information on Dr. Chacha can be obtained from his personal website.


  • POLS 329: Rebuilding War Torn States? Confronting Legacies of Conflict (Spring 2020; 3rd Year)
  • POLS G81H: Post Conflict Peacebuilding and the International Order (Spring 2020, Post-graduate)

Doctoral research

PhD title
The evolution of regional integration arrangements in the developing world


Research Interests 

His research explores regional integration and how political and economic interdependence impacts domestic security and conflict. Previously, he has explored the impact of economic interdependence on civil war intervention, coup occurrence, and post-coup democratization, regional integration processes in the developing world, public attitudes towards regional integration in Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Current Projects

  • Varieties of trade agreements and depth of cooperation
  • Delegation in regional trade agreements
  • Public opinion and regional integration in East Africa
  • Regional organizations and coups in Africa


Chacha, M. (2020). European Union membership status and decentralization: A top-down approach. Regional & Federal Studies, 30(1), 1-23.

Powell, J. & Chacha, M. (2019), Closing the Book on Africa's First Generation Coups, African Studies Quarterly, 18(2): 87-94.

Chacha, M., & Stojek, S. (2019), Colonial ties and civil conflict intervention: Clarifying the causal mechanisms, Conflict Management and Peace Science, 36(1): 42-62.

Powell, J., Chacha, M., & Smith, G. E. (2018), Failed coups, democratization, and authoritarian entrenchment: Opening up or digging in? African Affairs, 118(471): 238-258.

Chacha, M., & Kobayashi, Y. (2018), Migration and public trust in the commonwealth of independent states, Regional & Federal Studies, 28(4): 523-541.

Chacha, M., & Powell, J. (2017), Economic interdependence and post-coup democratization, Democratization, 24(5): 819-838.

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