Dr Asaf Siniver

Asaf Siniver

Department of Political Science and International Studies
Reader in International Security
Head of Internationalisation, School of Government
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Global Security Studies

Contact details

POLSIS - School of Government
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Siniver is a Reader in International Security. His work is broadly concerned with conflict resolution and international mediation, the Arab-Israeli conflict, foreign policy analysis, and contemporary US foreign policy.

He is currently a Leverhulme Research Fellow (2020-22) on the project “From Mediation to Arbitration: Conflict Resolution and Territorial Disputes”.


  • PhD, International Relations (Nottingham), 2006
  • MA, International Relations (Nottingham), 2002
  • BA, Political Science (Tel Aviv), 1997


Dr. Siniver joined POLSIS in 2007.  He works on conflict resolution and international mediation, contemporary US foreign policy, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA) and international security. He has published four books and numerous journal articles, reports and policy briefs on these issues, and has advised governmental and non-governmental actors working in these areas.  His research has been funded by various bodies, including the ESRC, British Academy, Leverhulme, Universitas21, and several Presidential Libraries in the USA.  He is a Trainer in Conflict resolution, Transformation, and Peacebuilding at the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies, and an Affiliate of the Institute for Conflict, Cooperation, and Security.   He was previously editor of the journal Civil Wars, and currently the editor of the International Studies Association's Journal of Global Security Studies (JoGSS).

Postgraduate supervision

Dr. Siniver currently supervises PhD students in the following areas:

  • Low-leverage states in international mediation
  • Interpersonal trust in back-channel diplomacy
  • Foreign Policy Analysis of US and UK decision-making on the Iraq war
  • International mediation and cease-fire agreements
  • The role of communities in disengagement and demobilization of former fighters
  • Saudi foreign and security policies
  • The Arab Spring and Syrian politics

He welcomes applications from potential PhD students in the fields of conflict resolution, contemporary US foreign policy, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and Foreign Policy Analysis.


Research Interests

  • Conflict management and resolution, especially third-party mediation and international arbitration
  • The making of contemporary US foreign policy
  • The politics, diplomacy, and history of the Arab-Israeli conflict
  • The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and peace process
  • The theory and practice of diplomacy

Current Projects

Dr Siniver is currently working on a project funded by a Leverhulme Fellowship (2020-22, #RF-2020-426) on the topic of “From Mediation to Arbitration: Conflict Resolution and Territorial disputes”. The project will result in a single-authored monograph with Oxford University Press (under contract).

Other activities

Leverhulme Research Fellow (2020-22)

Trainer in Conflict Resolution, Transformation and Peacebuilding at the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies.


Recent publications


Siniver, A 2015, Abba Eban: A Biography. 1st edn, Overlook Press, New Work.


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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Siniver, A 2012, The Limits of Public Diplomacy: Abba Eban and the June 1967 War. in C Jones & T Petersen (eds), Israel's Clandestine Diplomacies. Columbia University Press.

Commissioned report

Siniver, A 2014, Mediating the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process: Current Prospects and Alternative Frameworks. Policy Briefs for the Middle East Conference on a WMD/DVs Free Zone, vol. 31, Peace Research Institute Frankfurt. <http://academicpeaceorchestra.com/?p=policybriefs>

Entry for encyclopedia/dictionary

Siniver, A 2018, Arab-Israeli conflict. in The encyclopedia of diplomacy. Wiley. https://doi.org/10.1002/9781118885154.dipl0337

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