Dr Daniel Whittingham

Department of History
Lecturer in the History of Warfare and Conflict

I am interested in all aspects of the conduct of war, but with a particular focus on British military history, military thought and strategy. My main research interests are British colonial warfare in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, counterinsurgency, the First World War and the Second World War. I am also interested in the development of military thought in Britain in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


  • PhD (King's College, London)
  • MA History of Warfare (King's College, London)
  • BA History (Trinity College, Oxford)


I joined the University of Birmingham in September 2013. Previously, I completed my PhD at King’s College London.


Undergraduate Teaching:

  • Special subject: the American Civil War

Previous Undergraduate Teaching:

  • Second year autumn option: ‘the British Army, 1660-1960’
  • Second year spring option: ‘Command in War’
  • Third year advanced option: ‘Britain’s Wars of Colonisation and Decolonisation, 1815-1960’
  • Special subject: ‘The British Army on the Western Front’
  • Group research: ‘The British Infantry Officer on the Western Front’
  • War Studies core module: ‘The Rise of Modern War’

Postgraduate Teaching:

Postgraduate supervision

I would welcome PhD proposals on the following topics: British colonial warfare (including war during the era of decolonisation), Counterinsurgency, and the British army 1815-1945.


I am currently preparing my PhD thesis for publication. This study examines the life and work of the British military thinker Charles E. Callwell (1859 – 1928), including his most well-known book, Small Wars (1896).

Other activities

I am the Membership Secretary of the British Commission for Military History (BCMH), and a member of the Society for Military History (SMH) and the Institute of Historical Research (IHR).


  • ‘Warrior Scholarship in the Age of Colonial Warfare: Charles E. Callwell and Small Wars’, in Andrew Mumford and Bruno C. Reis (eds.), The Theory and Practice of Irregular War: Warrior-Scholarship in Counter-Insurgency (Routledge, forthcoming 2013)
  • ‘“Savage Warfare”: C.E. Callwell, the Roots of Counterinsurgency and the Nineteenth Century Context’, in Matthew Hughes (ed.), British Ways of Counter-insurgency: A Historical Perspective (Routledge, 2013)
  • ‘“Savage Warfare”: C.E. Callwell, the Roots of Counterinsurgency and the Nineteenth Century Context’, Small Wars and Insurgencies, Vol. 23, Nos. 4–5, October–December 2012, 591–607
  • ‘Charles E. Callwell and the Art of Irregular Warfare’, in Insurgency and Counterinsurgency: Irregular Warfare from 1800 to the Present, ACTA of the 2010 CIHM Conference, Amsterdam (2011)

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  • Counter insurgency
  • Armed forces policy
  • Military planning