Professor Stefan Hübscher

Stefan Hübscher

Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy
Leith Professor and Professor of Hepatic Pathology
Consultant Histopathologist

Contact details

Department of Cellular Pathology
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
B15 2WB

Professor Stefan G Hübscher is Leith Professor and Professor of Hepatic Pathology, University of Birmingham and Consultant Histopathologist at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

Research and clinical activities are mainly in the field of liver pathology, including the pathology of liver transplantation and hepatobiliary neoplasia.


  • Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists (FRCPath), 1995
  • Member of the Royal College of Pathologists (MRCPath), 1985
  • MBChB, University of Birmingham, 1979


Recent publications


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