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Institute of Inflammation and Ageing
Senior lecturer in Clinical Rheumatology

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Institute of Inflammation and Ageing
Centre for Translational Inflammation Research
Research Laboratories
Level 1
New Queen Elizabeth Hospital
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Ben Fisher is a Senior lecturer in Clinical Rheumatology. He has published research papers on rheumatoid arthritis and has participated in many national and international collaborations.


  • MD(Res) Medicine 2011
  • MRCP 2002
  • MBBS 1999
  • BSc (Hons) Immunology 1996


Benjamin Fisher studied medicine at the United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy’s and St.Thomas’s Hospitals in London, obtaining a BSc(Hons) in Immunology in 1996 and his MBBS in 1999. He trained as a Rheumatologist in London with academic studies at the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, Imperial College London. Here he worked in the clinical trials unit and completed an MD(Res) on antibodies to citrullinated alpha enolase peptides in rheumatoid arthritis. Following this he was appointed as a Walport Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College. He joined Birmingham University as a Senior Clinical Lecturer in 2012.


A key focus of Dr Fisher's research has been anti-citrullinated protein antibodies which are a characteristic feature of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). He has been particularly interested in determining which specific proteins are targeted in RA, how immunological tolerance is broken, and whether these novel antibodies can predict clinical outcomes in RA.

A second and increasingly important direction of his research is early phase clinical trials in Sjögren’s syndrome and the application of novel outcome measures including imaging and biopsies. Sjögren’s syndrome is an autoimmune condition resulting in dryness of the eyes and mouth, alongside a range of other complications that occur in a proportion of patients. Dr Fisher is the Clinical Director of the OASIS cohort (Optimising assessments in Sjögren’s syndrome) which aims to follow patients with Sjögren’s syndrome over time, with a view to improving how we measure disease activity and predict outcomes, as well as understanding the risk factors for this disease.

Dr Fisher also has a long-standing interest in the effect of polyunsaturated fatty acids on the immune response and how they may influence diseases such as RA.


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