Dr Xiaoguang Yang BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr Xiaoguang Yang

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Researcher in Vehicle Dynamics

Contact details

University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

X. Yang received his B.Sc and M.Sc from the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation of Northeastern University in China. He received full scholarship from the ORSAS awards of UK and University of Birmingham in 2007. At present, he is a half-year research fellow starting from November 2011 in the Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory for a TSB Project-Low Carbon Emission Variable Rolling Resistance Wheel. 


  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK, November 2011 
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University, China, 2007
  • BSc  in Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University, China, 2005


Xiaoguang Yang graduated from the Northeastern University in China with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and Automation in 2005. Then he started his postgraduate research on the Nonlinear Dynamics of General Synchronous System supported by the Important Project of Ministry of Education, China (Grant No. 108037), the National Natural Science Foundations of China (Grant Nos. 10402008 and 50535010). He received his master degree from Northeastern University in 2007 and then joined the Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory in the University of Birmingham, UK.


Research interests

  • Intelligent Tyre System
  • Tyre Dynamics
  • Finite Element Analysis 
  • Vehicle ride and handling dynamics
  • Control Synchronization of Dynamic Systems
  • Biomechanics

Research activity in doctoral program, 2007-Present

Develop Intelligent Tyre System by Finite Element Analysis and Experiment

Finite element tyre modelling using ABAUQS considering tyre composite structure and nonlinear material properties

Utilized tri-axial hydraulic tyre test rig to investigate tyre deformation, strain, damping, footprint, vibration, force, etc.

Designed a strain-based intelligent tyre system prototype and demonstrate the feasibility of the system for measuring tyre dynamic strain with wireless transmission and self power.

Investigated the strain-based intelligent tyre technology by FEA and experiment for improving vehicle anti-lock brake system, stability control system and active safety system.


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