Dr Nikk Effingham PhD (Leeds)

Dr Nikk Effingham

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy

Contact details

ERI Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I am a senior lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, mainly researching metaphysics (including time travel, ontology and metaontology), philosophy of religion and some philosophy of science and mind. I supervise postgraduate students in a wide variety of areas, including the philosophy of causation, the philosophy of time, and the philosophy of mind.


  • PhD. Philosophy, University of Leeds, Leeds, England, 2007.
  • Taught M.A., Philosophy, University of Leeds, Leeds, England, 2001.
  • Joint Honours B.A. Philosophy and English, University of Leeds, Leeds, England, 2000.


I studied at the University of Leeds, as well as worked there as a teaching assisstant and as the administrator for the CMM (Centre of Metaphysics and Mind.) I moved to Glasgow to take up a one-year temporary teaching post before then taking another temporary post at the University of Birmingham. I was made permanent the year after.


In the 2014-15 session I will teach:

  • Problems of Philosophy: core module for 1st years.
  • A third year metaphysics course on ontology.
  • A third year course on the philosophy of religion.

I also supervise students in a wide variety of areas.

Postgraduate supervision

I currently supervise doctoral candidates researching areas including metaontology, the philosophy of time, the nature of causation and conceptual analysis, and the philosophy of mind. I can supervise theses in a wide variety of areas of theoretical philosophy, including metaphysics and many areas of philosophy of religion, science and mind. I supervise masters-level students on a wide variety of topics, including those from the above plus, e.g., the philosophy of death and the philosophy of impartial vs. partial ethical obligations.


My research has previously focused on mereology, persistence, supersubstantivalism, vagueness, time travel and the philosophy of groups. I am presently researching:

  • Time travel. I'm currently preparing a monograph on the topic. It collects, and expands, some of my previous published work (as well as reconciling certain contradictory positions present within different papers of mine.) It will also cover time travel and: the open future; chance; prima facie contradictory propositions; the Fermi paradox; ethics; philosophy of religion.
  • Ontology. I maintain an interest in ontology and metaontology, working on issues in grounding, existence, mereology, persistence, and methodology. I have just completed a book chapter on the role of ontological parsimony.
  • Philosophy of religion. I'm specifically interested in analytic metaphysical treatments of Christian philosophical theology (specifically the Trinity and pneumatology), divine hiddenness and religious pluralism. I am currently working on papers on the philosophy of the Trinity as well as on Divine Hiddenness. 

Other activities

Personal website: www.nikkeffingham.com


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