Rt. Hon. Liam Byrne

MP, Birmingham Hodge Hill

Liam Byrne is Labour MP in Birmingham Hodge Hill and Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Formerly he was Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Minister for the Cabinet Office responsible for the co-ordination of policy across Government and, in October 2010, was selected to lead Labour’s policy review. He has been Minister of State for Borders and Immigration at HM Treasury and the Home Office, Minister of State for Police and Counter-Terrorism, a Department of Health Minister, and has served as Minister for the West Midlands. Liam oversaw the development of the Labour Government’s Real Help Now campaign, the New Opportunities White Paper designed to boost social mobility, and re-organised the Cabinet Office to focus harder on public service reform. He also helped to create the Council of Regional Ministers.

Liam has written widely about public service reform, economic development, and shared values. His publications include the textbook, Local Government Transformed (1996), Information Age Government (1998), Cities of Enterprise (2002), Britain in 2020 (2003), Reinventing Government Again (with Phil Collins) (2004), A Common Place (2007) and A More United Kingdom (Demos, 2008).