Professor Max Birchwood BSc, PhD, DSc, CPsychol, FBPsS

Max Birchwood

School of Psychology
Professor of Youth Mental Health
Clinical Director, YouthSpace Mental Health Service, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust

Contact details

School of Psychology
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I am an applied researcher embedded in Birmingham mental health services. I’m a clinical psychologist by training and act as clinical director to the YouthSpace youth mental health service ( and Director of research and Innovation for Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust.

I’m a keen member of the Mancunian Diaspora (the red side).


B.Sc., PhD, D.Sc., C.Psychol, FBPsS


Early Intervention in psychosis: Professor Birchwood pioneered the concept and practice of early intervention in psychosis in the UK and internationally. He opened the UK's first Early Intervention in Psychosis service in 1994, informed by these conceptual innovations which he translated into the mental health policy framework for the DH (2001) as part of the NHS 'National Plan'. The service attracted Beacon status and has been replicated with over 125 teams across the country.

Cognitive Theory and Therapy of Psychosis: Professor Birchwood has undertaken research into the application of CBT to psychosis. His RCTs in acute psychosis (1996; 2000) and in reducing harmful compliance with command hallucinations ( 2004), have been incorporated into NICE guidelines. He has also undertaken extensive work developing the cognitive model of ‘voices’, particularly the role of appraisals of voices’ power in driving affective dysregulation and compliance with voice commands.

Affective Dysregulation and Psychosis: particularly depression, social anxiety disorder and PTSD.

Currently developing youth mental health as preventive framework for lifelong mental health problems.

Richard Wyatt award for outstanding contribution to early psychosis research and treatment. IEPA, 2006.

Patron: RETHINK, UKs leading mental health campaigining charity.


Research interests

  • Early Intervention in psychosis
  • Emotional dysfunction in psychosis
  • CBT for psychosis
  • Power, rank and affiliation with ‘voices’
  • Youth mental health
  • Public mental health


Recent Publications

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Current and recent grants

MRC COMMAND : A multi-centre RCT of CBT to reduce compliance with harmful command hallucinations (01/06/06 - 31/05/10), Birchwood, Peters, Wykes,Tarrier,Dunn £1.6M.

SDO, Project grants, EDEN/EDEN-plus: evaluating the development and delivery of early intervention services in the West Midlands (01/04/03 - 31/07/06)Lester and Birchwood £680,000.

Department of Health, PRP A National Evaluation of Early Intervention Services for psychosis (01/04/05 - 31/06/2010). Birchwood, Lester, Marshall,Lewis, Fowler, Jones. £1.8M.

MRC, EDIE2: Early Detection and psychological Intervention using Cognitive Therapy for individuals at high risk of psychosis (01/04/06 - 31/03/10) . Morrison, French, Birchwood, Lewis, Jones, Fowler,Gumley £1.6M.

MRC CRIMSON. Study: RCT of Joint Crisis Plans to Reduce Compulsory Treatment of People with Psychosis. Thornicroft, Birchwood, Marshall, Lester Schmuckler (Jan 2007-Oct 2011) £2,357,659.

NIHR/CLAHRC(Birmingham):Reducing treatment delay in psychosis in Birmingham:a public health project (Oct 2008-March 2013). Birchwood, Singh, Lester, Freemantle, England £1.2M.

EU EPOS European early detection of psychosis project Ruhrman, Klosterkotter, Birchwood, Linszen, Salokongas.(2003-2007) Euros 1.4M.

Developing integrated care in primary care for people with serious mental illness Lester HE, Gask L, Nazareth I, Druss B, Birchwood M, Wagner E. Sponsor: NSPCR (2007-10) £205,845.

NIHR Programme grant Supereden—developing the next generation of early intervention in psychosis services. 2010-2015 £2M.