Professor Anthea Hucklesby

Professor Anthea Hucklesby

School of Social Policy
Head of the School of Social Policy

Contact details

Javiera (Javi) Squadritto PA
School of Social Policy
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT, United Kingdom

Anthea Hucklesby is Professor of Criminal Justice and Head of the School of Social Policy.

She is an elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.


  • BA (Hons) Social Science (CNAA)
  • MA Criminology (Hull)
  • PhD (University of Glamorgan)
  • PGCE (Secondary) (Leicester)


Anthea joined the School in September 2020 from the University of Leeds where she was Pro-Dean for Research in the Faculty of Social Sciences (2015-2020) and Director of Research (2014-2015) and REF led (2012-2014) for the School of Law. Prior to this she worked at the Universities of Hull and Leicester.

Postgraduate supervision

Anthea has supervised research students in many aspects of criminal justice in the UK and internationally. She welcomes applications from UK and international students interested in any area of criminal justice including but not limited to police powers, courts, prisons, community sentences, technologies and private and voluntary sector involvement.


Anthea undertakes research and published on many aspects of the criminal justice process crossing boundaries between law, sociology, social policy and science and technology studies. She has a longstanding interest in bail/remand and pre-trial detention and the use of electronic monitoring (tagging) in the criminal justice process. Her interests extend to prisons and community sentences, private and voluntary sector involvement in criminal justice, compliance and emerging technologies, particularly the use wearable devices to track individuals in areas as diverse as mental health, dementia care, children in care, terrorism and asylum seekers.

She has been awarded nearly £3 million of research funding. Her research has been funded by the ESRC, AHRC, European Commission, Home Office, Ministry of Justice and the third and private sectors.


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