Dr Jason Schaub

Dr Jason Schaub

Department of Social Work and Social Care
Lecturer in Social Work

Contact details

Department of Social Work and Social Care
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham
B15 2TT, United Kingdom

Jason is a Lecturer in Social Work, and Programme Director for BA Year 1. His areas of teaching and research include gender and sexuality, integrated health and social care, and children and families social work. He is chair of the international Sexuality in Social Work interest group, is on the academic board of Independent Academic Research Studies International Institute (IARS), and is a founding member of European Social Work Research Association. He was a guest editor of the 2016 British Journal of Social Work special issue, “Sexualities and Social Work in the Contemporary World”.


  • PhD (University of Bath)
  • PG Cert Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • MSW (Master's in Social Work) - USA
  • BA (hons) (Music & Psychology) – USA


Jason practiced first as a counselling social worker in the USA and later a children’s social worker in Ireland, and latterly in the UK in a number of local authorities, holding roles of increasing responsibility in Children’s Social Care. He has been an academic since 2009, and previously worked at Buckinghamshire New University.  


Jason teaches on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses including:

  • Social Work Context
  • Theories, Methods and Practice
  • Social Identity, Citizenship and Social Work Practice

Postgraduate supervision

Jason is interested in supervising postgraduate students undertaking study in the fields of social work, sociology and social policy, specifically in the areas of gender, sexuality, social work education, and children and families social work.


Jason's research interests include exploring gender and sexuality (particularly professional ideas of), integrated care (health and social care) and social work with children and families. He has undertaken and led a number of research studies using a range of methods including large-scale quantitative analysis, multi-system case studies and in-depth qualitative analysis. He is keen to improve the engagement of social work with evidence-based research. 


Journal Articles

Schaub, J., Willis, P. and Dunk-West, P. (2017) Accounting for self, sex and sexuality in UK social workers' knowledge base: an exploratory study. British Journal of Social Work. 47(2), pp: 427-446

Schaub, J. (2015) Service Improvement as an Experiential Tool for Postgraduate Students and Service Providers. Nursing Management. 22 (4), 24-26.

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Selected Publications

Willis, P., Schaub, J. and Brown, H.C. (2017) Editorial: Sexualities and Social Work in the Contemporary World. British Journal of Social Work. 48 (6), 2163-2172.

Schaub, J., Smith, F., Bridges, L., Addis, G., and Griffiths, L. (2015) FutureCare: A training needs analysis of the ‘out of hospital’ workforce across Thames Valley. Oxford: Health Education Thames Valley. Available at: https://hee.nhs.uk/printpdf/hee-your-area/thames-valley/news-events/thames-valley-news/reporting-out-hospital-workforce-across-thames-valley 

Procter, S., Martin, C., Clerk, G., Bates, C., Schaub, J., Dalphinis, J., Christou, R., and Nakisa, M. (2015) Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Learning and Improvement Framework: Interim report. London: CWHHE.

Finch, J. & Schaub, J. (2014) Projective Identification and Unconscious Defences Against Anxiety: The example of social work education, practice learning and the fear of failure. Chap. 19 In D. Armstrong and M. Rustin (eds.) Social Defences against Anxiety:  Explorations in the Paradigm. London: Karnac, pp. 300-314

Schaub, J (2013) Vulnerability in the Community. Chap. 20 In D. Sines, S. Aldridge-Bent, A. Fanning, P. Farrelly, K. Potter and J. Wright (eds.) Community and Public Health Nursing. 5th ed. Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 271-284.

Schaub, J., Wormell, L., Mwai, I., Chigome, N. (2013) High Risk, Harder to Reach Young People Protocol: An audit into the effectiveness and use by practitioners and managers within Buckinghamshire. Aylesbury: Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Children’s Board.

Schaub, J. (2013) I don’t like the idea of a nasty social worker – do you? The Conversation UK [online]. 9 July. Available at: https://theconversation.com/i-dont-like-the-idea-of-a-nasty-social-worker-do-you-15861

Schaub, J & Dalrymple, R., (2011). “She didn’t seem like a social worker”:  Practice Educators’ experiences and perceptions of assessing failing social work students on placement. SWAP Research Report. Available at: http://www.swapbox.ac.uk/1151/ .

Greenfields, M., Schaub, J. & Wager, N., (2010). BME children subject to a child protection plan or who are looked after (2006-2010): An evaluation on behalf of Buckinghamshire County Council. Aylesbury: Buckinghamshire County Council.

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