Dr Jos Bosch PhD

Dr Jos Bosch

School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
Lecturer in Exercise and Behavioural Immunology

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School of Sport and Exercise Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Jos Bosch is a biopsychologist with an expertise in Health Psychology, Psychophysiology and Psychoneuroimmunology; a field that studies the interactions between psychological, neuro-endocrine and immunological processes. His work involves both experimental research and epidemiological studies in healthy and clinical populations. Dr Jos Bosch is also associate editor of Health Psychology


Dr. Jos Bosch was born in Spain and raised in the Netherlands. Following an MA in Clinical Psychology and Biological Psychology at the University of Amsterdam (1991-1996), he completed his PhD in Biochemistry (with highest honours) at the Free University in Amsterdam in 2001. He was then a post-doctoral fellow associated with The Center for Stress and Wound Healing at The Ohio State University, USA, and became assistant professor at The University of Illinois at Chicago in 2003. In 2004 he was appointed as lecturer in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Birmingham.

Dr Jos Bosch currently also holds adjunct positions as associate professor at the University of Houston (Department of Health and Human Performance, TX, USA) and at the University of Heidelberg (Mannheim Institute of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Germany).


  • Exercise and Behavioural Immunology (course leader)
  • Health Psychology

Postgraduate supervision

Jerrald Rector MSc (2010 – 2013) Psychosocial determinants of immunological ageing. Funding: Marie Curie fp7

Benjamin Curzon-Jones (2010 – 2013) The relationship between anxiety and increased falls risk in older adults (Primary supervisor Dr Mark Hollands). Funding: New Dynamics of Ageing.

Winnie Chan, MSc (2010 – 2013) Inflammation and fatigue in kidney transplant patients (co-supervision with Dr Richard Borrows). Funding: NHS West-Midlands.

Andrew McClean, MSc MD (2009 – 2012) Why are patients with ANCA-associated vasculitis fatigued: cardiovascular impairment, peripheral muscle dysfunction, or central involvement? (co-supervion with Prof. Lorraine Harper). Funding: NHS Arthritis Research Council.

Brian O’Hartaigh, MPhil (2009 – 2012) Psychosocial and behavioural determinants of immunesenescence (co-supervision with Dr Neil Thomas). Funding: BBSRC.

Agirta Zalli, BSc (2008 – 2011) Stress, catecholamines, and Cytomegalovirus reactivation (co-supervision with prof Paul Moss). Funding: MRC & SPORTEX.

Former lab members:

James E Turner, MSc (2007 – 2011) Exhaustive exercise as a determinant of oxidative stress and immunosenescence (currently post-doctoral fellow in Clinical Immunology, University of Birmingham).

Natalie E Riddell, BSc (2006 – 2010) Adrenergic regulation of T cell function (currently post-doctoral fellow in Experimental Immunology, University College London).

Leila H Anane, MSc (2005 – 2009) Stress lymphocytosis: mechanisms and clinical relevance (currently teaching staff).


  • Psychobiology and psychoneuroimmunology of stress and depression
  • Psychobiological and immunological mechanisms in ageing
  • Psychobiological and immunological mechanisms in chronic diseases and disease-related fatigue.

Other activities

Associate editor Health Psychology.


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Stress and health; stress and infection; stress and the immune system; psychological stress and ageing; work stress and cardiovascular health