Revd. Dr Alison Gray

Revd. Dr Alison Gray

Department of Theology and Religion
Consultant Psychiatrist, Hereford County Hospital, UK
Honorary Fellow, Edward Cadbury Centre

Contact details

I am a consultant psychiatrist, leading the Mental Health Liaison team in the Hereford County Hospital. I also have a long interest in religion, spirituality and health and I am an ordained Anglican church minister.


  • MB BChir, University of Cambridge
  • MA, University of Cambridge
  • MRCPsych Royal College of Psychiatrists, London.
  • MMedSci in Psychiatry, University of Birmingham
  • Dip Applied Theology, University of Birmingham
  • FRCPsych Royal College of Psychiatrists, London.


Having started out as a natural scientist at Cambridge University, Dr Gray transferred into medicine and then trained in psychiatry in the West Midlands. She worked for several years in the National Deaf Mental Health Service in Birmingham, leaving there in 2006 to train for ordination at Queens Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education. After being ordained in the Church of England Dr Gray returned to psychiatry in 2010.  Having worked with the RAID team in Birmingham she set up and continues to run the Mental Health Liaison team in Hereford.


Dr Gray is interested in the intersection of health, Religion and spirituality,  and the nature of compassion and how this is developed, nurtured and sustained in a healthcare setting.  Her  current project is to establish if religious observance and/or spiritual practices enhance resilience in medical students.

Other activities

  • Associate Priest at Great Malvern
  • Secretary of the RCPsych Spirituality Special Interest Group
  • Trustee of the Whole Person Health Trust.
  • Lead organiser of the Faith in Health and Healing conferences
  • Media expert for the RCPsych on spirituality and religion. 


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