Adaptations to Aquatic Environments: Field Course

A lot of science is done out in the field and learning field techniques and experiencing biology in the field is really important.


  • BSc Biological Sciences


Year Two

20 Credits

The module is a field course based in Orielton Pembrokeshire.You will be able to spend 2 days on the sea shore at Orielton examining the chemical and physical conditions on the sea shore that make it a unique life support system, and how representatives of different animal and plant phyla have adapted their behaviour and physiology to meet the variable conditions prevailing in their natural environment.

A major feature of the course is the opportunity to spend a further 4 days as part of a small group on a project designed to examine physiological or behavioural adaptations to aquatic environments. This work will then be written up independently. Students will be expected to present their findings orally. The module will allow students to develop planning and organisational skills as well as skills of experimental design,data analysis, communication and teamwork.

The lecture component of the module will introduce you to the biotic and abiotic characteristics of the marine environment with particular reference to the littoral (shore) zone. You will learn about the abundance and diversity of animals and plants that inhabit the marine littoral and their specific adaptations to life in this challenging and highly unpredictable environment.

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Coursework and Examination