Microbiology: Medicine, Environment, and Industry


BSc Biochemistry

20 Credits

 In this module you will learn about how microorganisms impact on humans, both in the context of health and disease and by looking at how humans have exploited microorganisms. In the Human Health and Disease section you will learn about three of the major groups of disease causing microorganisms; bacteria, fungi and viruses, with emphasis on the underlying mechanisms by which these organisms cause disease. As the course progresses you will begin to recognise that common themes underpin our understanding of the diseases caused by these quite different groups of microorganisms; these themes will be explored in the overview session at the end of this section of the course.

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the nature and biology of bacteria, fungi and viruses and their medical and economic importance.
  • Discuss the common themes that underpin our understanding of the diseases caused by different groups of microorganisms.
  • Describe, using specific examples, how microorganisms have been exploited by humans and how this relates to their underlying characteristics.
  • Demonstrate practical skills required for the investigation of micro-organisms, and discuss the different techniques employed
  • Analyse and interpret data in order to make judgements and formulate arguments


Coursework (100%)