English Language and Literature final year modules

Optional modules (may include)

English Language Dissertation 


English Literature Dissertation


English Language Investigation


English Literature Extended Essay  

English Language Options (students choose 2) 

  • Discourse and Society 

  • English Language Teaching 

  • A Common Language? English in the U.K. and the U.S.A. (and beyond) 

  • Animal Communication and Language Evolution 

  • Authorship Analysis 

  • Business Discourse and Communication 

  • Clinical Linguistics

  • Evaluative Language 

  • Exploring Linguistic Diversity

  • Language and New Media

  • Language and the Mind 

  • Language, Senses and Sound Symbolism

  • Phraseology

English Literature Special Subjects (students choose 2)

  • Fantasy and Fandom: writing back to the medieval in modern fantasy 

  • African American Freedom: 20th Century Literature and Visual Culture 

  • After the Deluge: Writing and Recovery after the First World War 

  • Alternative Facts: Genre, Historicism and the Fantasy of Other Pasts  

  • American Frontiers: Nation and Identity in the Nineteenth Century

  • Byron and Keats 

  • Digital Witness: Stories of Surveillance 

  • Elizabeth I and her Poets 

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where They Came From 

  • Feminist Killjoys: Theories of Gender and Sexuality 

  • Flourish for the Players (Shakespeare's Contemporaries) 

  • From Cover to Cover: Histories of the Book

  • Gender and Irish Fiction 

  • Guilty Pleasures: Reading the Historical Romance 

  • Islamophobia and the Novel  

  • Last Year’s Novels

  • Law and Literature

  • Literary Translation 

  • Literature at Sea: 1851 to present 

  • Literature in the Age of Evolution 

  • Love Poetry

  • Magic, Monsters and Marvels in the Medieval World 

  • Making Global Literatures in Britian 

  • Mapping the Middle Ages: Cultural Encounters in the Medieval East and West 

  • Modern American Poetry 

  • Muslim Women's Popular Fiction

  • Neo-Victorianism

  • New York, New York 

  • Nineteenth-Century Detective Fiction 

  • Orwell's Books: Writing Politics, Resisting Tyranny 

  • PoMo Historical Fictions 

  • Remembering World War One 

  • Rude Britannia: 1660 - 1830 

  • Shakespeare's Tragedies 

  • TMI: Confessional Writing, from Rousseau to present 

  • The End of Life As We Know It: The Implications of Digital Technology 

  • The Modern Short Story 

  • Politics and Terror in the Age of Revolutions