Joint Honours English Literature year 2 modules


Optional modules (may include) 

Histories of Literature (students choose 2)  

  • Critical Encounters with Medieval Popular Literature

  • Decadents and Moderns

  • Literature 1950-Present

  • Renaissance Poetry

  • Restoration and Revolution

  • Romantics and Victorians

Shakespeare: Elizabethan and Jacobean

Themes in Literature 

  • Colonial/Postcolonial 

  • Digital Futures

  • Enterprising English 

  • Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies 

  • Rags and Riches: Wealth and Poverty in American Literature and Culture 

  • Shakespeare's Sisters

  • The Gothic

  • The Use of Genre: Nefarious Plots, Cheap Thrills and the Search for Meaning

  • Tragedy

  • Utopia/Dystopia

  • Rude Writing: Satire and its Targets