Musculoskeletal Reasoning and Practice



Year Two

This module is designed to prepare students for clinical practice within the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Students will learn how to assess, treat and manage a range of musculoskeletal disorders using a wide range of skills with an emphasis on a biopsychosocial model of treatment and evidence based practice. Shared specialist lectures will be offered with PGT students to foster lifelong learning skills. Bridging sessions with the other specialist practice modules will take place to facilitate clinical reasoning across specialist boundaries.       


Lectures will introduce topics which will be further explored in the practical sessions. Lectures will also inform the guided independent study where the student will construct their own workbook on aetiology, epidemiology, assessment, investigation, treatment and prognosis of common musculoskeletal conditions. Seminar sessions will be used to develop clinical reasoning skills. Opportunities to attend an evening series of lectures, combined with other Masters level Physiotherapy students will be offered, delivered by recognised experts.   


Practical assessment - 30 minute total exam time (100%)