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Listening to podcasts and reading news articles can be a really good way to find out more about developments in science and healthcare. They can also help you understand the developments in healthcare, what it is like working in the NHS and with reflection can help you develop your own ideas.

The College of Medical and Dental Sciences have created some resources for students to explore in preparation for a healthcare degree programme and entering a healthcare profession; we have highlighted some of these resources below.

Healthcare podcasts

Health and Wellbeing


Science & Nature

Science & Technology 

Healthcare in the news

BBC News – Health

BBC News – Science & Environment

The Guardian – Science

The Independent – Health

New Scientist

Biomedical Science

Shaun Scaramuzza is a third year PhD student based at the University of Birmingham working on DNA replication. He has started his blog to provide a resource for those interested in DNA, DNA replication, general biochemistry, or just life as a researcher! Currently on the blog, there are posts with some background about his research area, example techniques (microscopy and images of human cells), and an experiment to try from home (extract DNA from strawberries). In the future he hopes to write more about general life as a research scientist as well as building on the experiments from home series, or example techniques.

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