Enhancing Mathematical Feedback

Student Interns: Heather Collis and Mano Sivantharajah
Staff Supervisors: Chris Good, Rosemary Dyson and Michael Grove

When assessing higher-order mathematical skills, such as proof, writing mathematics, modelling and problem solving, feedback on student assignments is known to be more effective for improvement when it is provided verbally.  However, mathematics assignments are typically handwritten and efficiency constraints mean the comments provided by staff are handwritten and rarely detailed.  Through this project an electronic approach to efficiently providing more detailed and effective handwritten and verbal feedback through video capture within mathematics has been implemented.  Working during the summer of 2014 guidance was developed to not only enable staff to develop their feedback practices but to enable students to use their received feedback more effectively.  

Two resources are available which include details of how to use the Canvas virtual learning environment to provide enhanced (verbal and written) feedback.  Although based around mathematics it will be relevant to those from any discipline:

  1. A guide for mathematics students
  2. A guide for staff teaching mathematics