Jamie Tapper

BSc Sports & Materials Science, 2015; MSc Materials Science and Engineering, 2016
Graduate Research Engineer, National Composites Centre

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Jamie chose to study at Birmingham because he was offered the opportunity to pursue both his sporting, and science and technology interests. He never thought he'd be an engineer, let alone be able to choose a career where he could follow both his passions.

As a student he was heavily involved in the sports and was Club Captain of the University's Cricket Team. Now working at the National Composites Centre, he's able to help develop sporting equipment for Paralympic athletes.

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Jamie Tapper, sports and materials science graduate

Advice from Jamie

“Don't get caught in the University bubble. It's a great environment to be in but you're in a new city, you're in a new area and there's so much more you can do. Go out and meet other people not necessarily from the uni, do some different things.”