The Great Achievement in EPS Award

Avery Cunningham


Avery is the very fabric of the EPS Community. In his six years, he has taken on countless responsibilities with unparalleled selflessness and expertise. He is President of Birmingham oSTEM Professionals and Postgraduates, and Director of Student Membership for oSTEM Inc. where he led oSTEM’s global expansion with over 100 chapters across the USA, UK, Canada and Mexico. As the beating heart of NucSoc, Avery ran events from the International Women’s Day networking event to the Experiences of Black Professionals in the Nuclear Industry to name a few, successfully giving NucSoc the career focus it lacked. As Lead Organiser for the STEM, LGBTQ & You conference, Avery secured thousands of pounds in sponsorship as well as a huge international volunteer pool. Avery was a Birmingham In Action Ambassador at the Kensington Palace launch of the University’s major fundraising and volunteering campaign. Beyond societies, Avery has excelled as Vice-Chair of the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining Pride Network and as EDI lead for the Nuclear Institute Midlands Branch. Off the clock, Avery is the same. He is one of the most loved people at the University. Known affectionately as Daddy oSTEM or BGOC, Big Gay on Campus, Avery has ordered Ubers home for freshers, kept sober at social events to watch over others and cooked an oSTEM Christmas meal so that everyone had the chance to have at least one festivity in a supportive environment. He is the very reason that these awards are happening this year. Whilst nothing could repay Avery for his work and his warmth, so many hope this nomination does some part in expressing their gratitude.