EPS Community Award

This Award recognises exemplary contributions of individual student members or entire societies who make new connections across the College and encourage collaboration and inclusivity within the Community.

With the growing reputation of the EPS Community there are more and more cross-society collaborative activities being organised. Have you held or participated in an event, challenge, competition, project or activity that has brought students together from across the College? 

Individuals, sub-committees and entire societies can be nominated for this Award.

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See an example of a great nomination:

An example of a great EPS Community Award nomination is from current winner Avery Cunningham:

Avery consistently pursues the creation of the most inclusive EPS Community as possible, regularly amazing others with his dedication and compassion in his work to ensure the University is inclusive. He organised two diversity conferences in the same week: STEM, LGBTQ and You, and Equal in STEM, both of which create an inclusive societal intersection of all the diverse people in a STEM community. His continued work with oSTEM, NucSoc, BUMS and many other societies demonstrates his commitment to the community, having organised joint events and collaborative outreach. He is Co-Founder of the EPS Community Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee which brings together the College’s 39 societies to share best practice, work together to resolve any issues and ensure inclusivity is a core principle in all societies. Alongside this, he was the first undergraduate to run a workshop at LGBTQ+ STEMinar and his dedication to supporting the LGBTQ community has been internationally recognised by receiving the Global STEM Service Award from oSTEM Inc, their most prestigious accolade. He has also created an oSTEM alumni and professional network giving the Society a platform to bring together LGBTQ+ STEM professionals from across the West Midlands. Avery is currently working to ensure the LGBTQ+ STEM community is well-supported during lockdown to keep up the sense of community that so no one feels isolated in these challenging times. Avery consistently shows his dedication to ensuring a strong, unified community.

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