Outstanding Event Award

This Award recognises exceptional, inclusive and original or evolved events. They encourage attendees to learn a new skill or meet new people, are informative or inspirational, and offer unique and engaging opportunities to society members. These events are impactful, whether they empower one person or 100, are well-organised and support the student experience within the College or wider University.

Has your society organised an exciting or unique event this academic year? Whether it’s a careers fair with professional speakers, a fundraising activity, sporting event, trip, competition, conference, or something a bit different events all require a great deal of effort and commitment.

Individuals, sub-committees and entire societies can be nominated for this Award.

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See an example of a great nomination:

A great example of a strong Outstanding Event Award nomination is last year's winners of BEaMS, oSTEM and WISE for Equal in STEM:

Equal in STEM was the first event of its kind that brought together three different diversity societies and the intersecting communities of women, LGBTQ+ and black and minority ethnic people in STEM, to connect and support each other. The conference consisted of four panels discussing core barriers in STEM centring on mental health, expectations of role models, parenthood, and advocacy and allyship. Speakers provided a cross-section of industry, academia, students and professionals bringing together multiple backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. Not only did this disseminate a wide range of viewpoints but it inspired the nearly 200 attendees, including local sixth formers. Together, they explored multiple real barriers with real examples and provided real discussion on hardships and reform. The challenges tackled by the panellists in their working lives was really eye-opening, highlighting the need for more events like this. Equal in STEM also brought together professionals and students on an unprecedented scale with attendees having frank discussions on how to support one another. Every member of the audience was involved thanks to the use of technology to anonymise questions and instil confidence in those who would not normally raise their hand. Equal in STEM was uniquely open and honest, hard-hitting and inspiring, in a comfortable and professional environment. Never before have the EPS societies brought together so many diverse people with the sole focus of making STEM better for everyone.

More strong examples can be found in the 2020 Shortlist brochure.