EPS Societies' Awards - Award categories

EPS-Societies-Awards-Logo-no-yearOur society members deserve the upmost recognition for their continued dedication to their School, College and University. Back for their seventh year, the EPS Societies' Awards thank all those involved in College's 39 student groups for their hard work and enthusiasm, and recognise their achievements over the academic year. We wouldn't be the EPS Community we are without you!

2020 presents us with a very different set of challenges and sadly the current COVID-19 outbreak means we cannot hold our Awards in their usual way. However it is more important than ever that we celebrate the incredible extra-cirricular achievements of our student societies. Therefore we we be holding a virtual EPS Societies' Awards ceremony on Friday 19 June! Save the date and will be released soon.

Nominations are now closed

1,089 nominations have been submitted to the EPS Societies' Awards! Thank you to everyone who's taken the time to nominate and celebrate your society! 

Winners will be announced in a virtual ceremony on Friday 19 June. Details will be released soon.

If you have a question about the EPS Societies' Awards or would like help with your nomination please email Grace Surman on eps-community@contacts.bham.ac.uk.  


Award Categories

Sports Personality of the Year

This Award recognises those sportspeople who have shown commitment and enthusiasm in their discipline. They are motivational personalities, generous with their time in supporting their teammates, and encourage the continual development of their team.

Sports Team of the Year 2019/20 

This Award celebrates sports teams within the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences that are acknowledged as inclusive and tight-knit. These teams can be part of a school, society, or entirely independent. They work exceptionally well as a team, play to the strengths of all members, stick together whether they win or lose, promote sporting excellence and encourage healthy competition.

Outstanding Event Award

This Award recognises exceptional, inclusive and original or evolved events. They encourage attendees to learn a new skill or meet new people, are informative or inspirational, and offer unique and engaging opportunities to society members. These events are impactful, whether they empower one person or 100, are well-organised and support the student experience within the College or wider University.

Has your society organised an exciting or unique event this academic year? Whether it’s a careers fair with professional speakers, a fundraising activity, sporting event, trip, competition, conference, or something a bit different events all require a great deal of effort and commitment.

Volunteer of the Year

This Award recognises individuals who have committed themselves to a cause, activity, or event for the greater good of their society, University, or wider community. They have consistently dedicated their time and effort in a selfless manner to help others succeed in their goals, overcome challenges, and undertake tasks by making valuable contributions that have positive impact.

Outreach Award

This Award recognises the dedication of those who work to deliver outreach activities to local schools or the general public. Those volunteering see it as part of their role as a student to inform and educate on a multi-generational level and are actively involved in sharing discovery.

There is the possibility of awarding a Continued Excellence in Outreach Award at the judges’ discretion. This Award would recognise the same criteria as listed above but over a sustained period of time, and would be in addition to the Award for achievements of the 2019/20 academic year.

Diversity and Inclusion Award

This Award recognises individuals or societies who reach out to every member of the University community, going above and beyond to ensure everyone is equally involved and represented. Their actions are changing the culture of the University and instilling the values of equality, diversity and inclusion in the foundations of their society.

Industrial Award

This Award recognises individuals or societies whose success in forging industrial links has had a significant impact on their fellow students. Their activities encourage skills development and employability, offer an insight into possible careers paths and support the transition from education to employment.

There is the possibility of awarding a Continued Excellence in Industrial Award at the judges’ discretion. This Award would recognise the same criteria as listed above but over a sustained period of time, and would be in addition to the Award for achievements of the 2019/20 academic year.

EPS Community Award

This Award recognises exemplary contributions of individual student members or entire societies who make new connections across the College and encourage collaboration and inclusivity within the Community.

Inspirational Committee Member

This Award recognises those committee members who are dedicated to the success of their society in terms of empowerment, engagement, and inclusion for the benefit of all members. These people are fully committed to the running of their society, have exhibited exceptional organisational skills, and enable their society to thrive.

Role Model of the Year

This Award recognises individuals who have gone above and beyond to represent their society by embodying its core values and instilling them in others. They exemplify the best within themselves, and are recognised as a role model for their achievements.

Head of College Idea of the Year

This Award recognises innovative new projects and events that have had a significant impact on the schools or societies involved this academic year.

The Great Achievement in EPS Award

This Award recognises outstanding contributions to the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, encapsulates the positive traits celebrated through all other Awards, and seeks to recognise exceptional individuals within the EPS Societies. These are our future leading alumni.

Society of the Year 2019/20

This Award celebrates those societies that have pushed the boundaries and delivered more than ever before. Through outstanding events, innovative projects and activities, superb organisation, and raising awareness, these societies provide an exceptional, well-rounded and inclusive experience to their members. They embody the ethos of the EPS Community.


Additional Categories:

In recognition of the many differing types of people who work with our societies, we now have two extra Award categories that are collectively nominated to by each of our society's committees.

Member of the Year

Everyone one of our societies has members outside of their organising committees who truly get stuck into everything. Their proactivity and willingness to help out cannot be faulted, and they have participated in many, if not all, gatherings and activities. Their commitment throughout the academic year has been outstanding and their actions have not gone unnoticed. So we invite our committees to celebrate their most enthusiastic members and officially name them their society's 'Member of the Year'.

Committees wishing to submit their nominations should email Grace on eps-community@contacts.bham.ac.uk with the name of their nominee and a short blurb of why you are naming them your Member of the Year.

Staff Member of the Year

This Award recognises the member of staff who has gone above and beyond in their support to one of more society, making an outstanding contribution to the committee and its members throughout the year.

Committees wishing to submit their nominations should email Grace on eps-community@contacts.bham.ac.uk with the name of their nominee and a short blurb of why you are naming them your Staff Member of the Year.


Important information:

Who decides the winners?

All nominations will be reviewed by our judging panel who will select a shortlist of up to 6 nominees for each category, and winners for 11 of the 13 categories. Our 2020 judging panel consists of:

  • Dr Emma Melia, College Director of Operations
  • Dr Andrew Quinn, College Deputy-Director of Education
  • Alex Johl, College Student Experience and Welfare Manager
  • Claire Bonnet, College Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Project Officer
  • Curtis Collins, graduate (MSci Mathematics, 2019) and winner of the 2018 Great Achievement in EPS Award
  • Grace Surman, College Alumni Relations and EPS Community Manager (chair)

Interim Head of College Professor Jon Rowe will select the winner of Idea of the Year Award, and representatives from the Development and Alumni Relations Office will decide the winner of the Great Achievement in EPS Award.

Deadline for nominations

Nominations will close at 23:59 on Friday 22 May.

What makes a good nomination?

Writing nominations is hard! You know this person/project/event is amazing and it's often difficult to express that in 250 words on a form. Here are some hints and tips to what makes a good nomination:

  • Give as much detail as you can. You know the person/people you're nominating are awesome - tell the judges.
  • Focus on impact. For example you've done some outreach work with local schools - what has that meant for that school and what benefit have you give its pupils? Or you've held a careers event, how many students gained interviews or jobs/placements as a result?
  • Quality not quantity. It's great to know that many people may want to nominate the same person or activity, please remember that the number of nominations submitted bears no weight on the judges' decision. They are looking for quality and impactful submissions.
  • Remember the judging panel are unlikely to know anything about the person or activity you're talking about so wow them with your words and give examples of why they or it is brilliant.
  • Remember that your nomination will be reviewed by members of the College Directorate.
  • Read the 2019 Shortlist for inspiration. Each Award webpage includes the nomination for the 2019 winner of that category and the full shortlist is available here.

What are the rules?

  • Every nominee must be a student member of an EPS society. While there are many other brilliant societies on campus, these Awards specifically celebrate the 39 student groups in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. You can find out which societies are eligible here. Of course if you think another society is part of the College and therefore eligible please email Grace.
  • You can nominate as many people as you want for the same or multiple awards.
  • Any member of an EPS society can be nominated. Only the Inspirational Committee Member award is restricted to committee members. Some categories are only open to individuals but most are open to individuals, sub-committees and entire societies. Please see each Award category for further detail.
  • Anyone can nominate, regardless of whether they are a member of an EPS society or not. Students, staff, friends, family, sponsors, event attendees, staff, people you've worked with, school teachers and members of the public are all welcome to submit nominations so please encourage everyone you've worked with this academic year to nominate.
  • Duplicate or plagiarised nominations will not accepted. Do not copy and paste your nomination and change the nominator's name.
  • Nominations including foul language or inappropriate content will also be rejected.
  • All nominations are anonymous.

When are winners announced?

Winners are announced at a virtual Awards ceremony on Friday 19 June. Everyone is welcome to attend, the more the merrier! More information will be shared shortly so keep on eye on the Awards website www.birmingham.ac.uk/eps/societiesawards.

All nominees will be informed of their nominations on Tuesday 26 May. Nominees will also be published on the EPS Societies' Awards website.  Nominees have the right to not be listed publicly should they so wish and this will be communicated in the email notification.

Shortlisted nominees will be contacted on Monday 1 June. Shortlisted nominees will be included in the Awards brochure which is distributed after the Awards ceremony, published on the EPS Societies' Awards website and used at student-facing activities such as Open Day and Welcome Week.

Data policy

  • All nominations are anonymous and only members of the EPS Alumni Office will have access to this data.
  • Your data will not be shared and you have the right to request all nominations submitted to your name.
  • The judges will receive copies of nominations with the nominees name, affiliated society and committee position (if relevant to the award category) only; no information on the nominator will be shared.
  • You have the right to withdraw your nomination at any time prior to the judging panel meeting on Thursday 28 May 2020.  Simply emails Grace Surman on eps-community@contacts.bham.ac.uk to withdraw.
  • All nominees, shortlists and award winners will be published on the University website.  You have the right to opt-out of theses public lists; please email Grace Surman on eps-community@contacts.bham.ac.uk to opt-out.
  • All nomination data will be deleted shortly after the EPS Societies' Awards night in June.
  • More information on our Current Student, and Alumni and Supporters Privacy Notices are available on the University website.

I have a question

If you have a question or need help with your nomination please email Grace Surman on eps-community@contacts.bham.ac.uk

There will be a virtual Q&A on Facebook live in the EPS Societies Facebook Group at 2pm Wednesday 13 May. Feel free to come along and ask questions to Grace.