Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Electronic, Electrical and Systems EngineeringWe are surrounded by technology; from streetlights to mobile phones, from microwaves to computers and from washing machines to cars, they affect every aspect of our modern lives. It is electronic and electrical engineers who develop these devices, who make the labour-saving gadgets and who make machines think.


Electronic and Electrical Engineering, is an exceptionally broad subject. It sits between Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Psychology, Materials Science, Education, Biological and Medical Sciences, with interfaces to many other areas of engineering such as transportation systems, renewable energy systems and the built environment.


Electronic and Electrical Engineering might be for you if you:

  • Like understanding how technology works and how science can impact the world
  • Have a good understanding of physics and mathematics

Real world research:

Possible careers:

Our former students work in areas such as electronics, telecommunications, gaming technology, and aerospace.


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