Girls in STEM Day (year 9 girls) - EPS Outreach

Girls in STEM Day is an inspiring day of interactive activities to encourage year 9 girls to continue studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at GCSE, A-level and beyond.

The usual format of the day is that it runs from 09:45 (registration from 09:15) to 14:30 on campus, and at the end of the day we will offer campus tours to school groups who want them.

The event has been running since 2013 and has grown in popularity each year. We've welcomed inspirational talks from Orla Murphy (Jaguar Land Rover), Anu Martin (Manufacturing Technology Centre), Dr Ceri Brenner (Central Laser Facility), Professor Alice Roberts (University of Birmingham) and Professor Averil MacDonald (University of Reading). The majority of girls who have attended the Girls in STEM days said they were more likely to study STEM subjects in the future as a result of the day. 

The 2019 Girls in STEM Day was sponsored by Caterpillar, and offered 11 workshops from different areas of STEM, including some from student societies. One pupil who attended the event said "I loved todays experience not just because it was educational but also because it challenged me just the right amount. I also feel more confident in my choice to pursue STEM.”

Girls in STEM September 2019

For further information please email the Outreach Officer.