National HE STEM programme evaluation seminar

In January 2012, the National HE STEM programme held a one-day conference to aid its project leads with the development and implementation of their evaluations. The videos below provide advice and guidance offered by the session facilitators at the conference.


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  • Introduction
    Overview of extended evaluation seminar to improve evaluation activities undertaken by the National HE STEM Programme, highlighting the methods of evaluation and the pros and cons of each.
  • Lou Comerford Boyes

    Discussing the challenges of an ethos which differs from that of evaluation research methods - from the lab to evaluative research.
  • Ben Gammon

    Discussing the interview method of evaluation and the pros and cons of open and closed questions.
  • Laura Grant

    Dos, don'ts and top tips for questionnaires.
  • David Greatbatch

    Discussing benefits of and problems with the observation method.
  • Harry Tolley

    Discussing the reasons, purposes and value of evaluation.
  • Michael Grove and Paul Hooper

    Summarising outcomes from the seminar.
  • Vox Pop 1

    Two mini case studies from participants including an indication of how they will now evaluate their activities as a result of attending.
  • Vox Pop 2

    Tim Sibthorp from Liverpool John Moores talks about evaluating his project.