Alumni Profile - Mahyuddin Ayob

mahyuddin-ayob"The course  is very much like being in a real working environment in that you have to solve problems by using all available resources..." 

MSc Operations Management (2013), School of Mechanical Engineering

Where are you working now and what are you doing? 

I am working at United Engineers Malaysia Group based in the Kuala Lumpur office. My position in the company is Project Engineer and my responsibility is to control the operation of civil projects where the main objective is to manage operation costs against planned expenditure.

Please provide a short paragraph detailing how your career has developed since graduating from the University of Birmingham.

The main advantage for my career since graduating from the University of Birmingham was that it made it easier for me to get my current job. This is because the University of Birmingham is one of the most recognisable and reputable universities around the world and especially in my country, Malaysia.

What is the best thing about the job you are doing now?

The best thing about my job is that it is related to the course that I studied at university and it helps me to understand the realities of managing construction projects.

Why did you originally apply to do your chosen course at Birmingham?

I applied to Birmingham because of its wide range of employment opportunities. As all of us know, operations management is vital to any company around the world. The difference is just the nature of the operations but the principles remain similar. My course proved invaluable in securing my job before I had even finished my studies.

What did you think were the best points of your course and the University?

The best point of the MSc Operations Management is the way it is conducted. The course is not just based on examinations but depends on the students contributions and commitment to individual and group assessments including case studies. The course is very much like being in a real working environment in that you have to solve problems by using all available resources. Furthermore, the facilities of the university are outstanding especially the library where you can get references easily.

How did you grow as a person by studying at University? Did it change your life in any way?

I have become more confident when meeting people now compared with before studying at the University of Birmingham. I believe this is because of the culture and also from making friends with students from various different backgrounds and countries.