Student Profile - ShuQian Chai

MEng Chemical Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering
Home Country: Malaysia

shuqian-chai-image"I love the atmosphere on campus."  

Why did you apply to the University of Birmingham?

I applied to study at the University of Birmingham because it is one of the top universities in UK for my course and it is also the partner university of my former university in Malaysia. Besides, I love the atmosphere on campus.

What is your favourite part of the course so far?

I love how the course contains a lot of understanding of the chemical processes that can be related to the manufacturing of our daily products.

What do you like to do when you are not in lectures or studying?

I like to visit and explore the hidden beauty of Birmingham.

What advice would you give to new international students?

The University has many societies and organisations . Actively participate in them.

What did you wish you had known before starting your studies here?

I wish I had equiped myself with a solid fundamental understanding of engineering and had emptied my mind for all the new knowledge I'm about to embrace.

What are your plans for after you finish your course?

I plan to stay in the UK and get involved in the food industry.