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From virology to immunology our researchers are contributing to the global effort to counter the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects. Our staff and students are also supporting the NHS by volunteering their time to fight the outbreak. And through Birmingham Health Partners across the wider West Midlands region, we are mobilised on several fronts to stop the virus and save lives.

Professor Alan McNally Six Months On
Professor Alan McNally talk's us through how he personally joined the fightback against the pandemic by being asked to lead the Government's main Lighthouse Lab.


Nationwide insight into new condition in children

Adult touching a baby's hand

A study into critically ill children admitted to paediatric intensive care units with symptoms of a rare, new inflammatory syndrome, has combined data from units across the country

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Our incredible students rallying against the pandemic

Members of the Helping Hands group updates us on how they have been helping NHS workers during the pandemic


Find out how the University is coming together to fight COVID-19How we are supporting pregnant women through the pandemic

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