Teaching Opportunities

Teaching is an excellent way of testing what you know, reminding yourself of what you once knew, and gaining strong communication skills that will help you as you present your research to the scientific community and the public.  Some of you might even decide it is the right profession for you.  

Current teaching opportunities:

Small Group Teaching on the basics of gene expression

Are you interested in becoming involved in teaching Y.r 1 medicine students the basics of gene regulation? 
The programme has a couple of slots it needs to fill on Monday 20 November @ 10am or 11am (1 hour sessions).  You will be working through a work sheet with problems, so the sessions are well structured, and you can prepare for the questions that are likely to come up. 
This is an ideal way to 'test the water' on teaching with small group of (generally) interested students.
Any queries please get in touch with Karl Nightingale