Student quotes - Advanced General Dental Practice (Distance) - Residential week

It was a wonderful week and so lovely to meet a group of people from such different backgrounds and experiences that got on so well. I am very enthusiastic about getting to work on Monday and putting things into practice.

It is great to meet up with you all. I had a fantastic week.

I am sure that twenty years on, I'll still regard our first residential week as one of the best ones in my life. To belong to a group of such wonderful people is a rare privilege, an honour and an utmost pleasure.

I would like to say that the little time I had with you all was wonderful and was a lovely experience to meet you all from different parts of the world and different types of practices and so much to learn from you all to say the least.

I had a fantastic time both personally and professionally.

So, so lovely to meet such dear souls. I am looking forward to seeing you again. In fact I feel rather deprived now that you are so far away.

It was a pleasure to complete module 1 with this group!!!!.I enjoyed all of your company and look forward to November 2014.

The week we spent together was a very special time for me ; it was really great experience.